Interview: MJ Markovski

Let’s get to know MJ Markovski, author of Whatever It Takes.

I always like to thank my hosts in advance on interviews so I thank you for this opportunity. And most of my readers always want to know about where I come up with my ideas and similar questions about my writing. My published writing is in a romantic suspense/thriller titled Whatever It Takes and I always like to think outside the box.

For example like my protagonists in the book Regan Argent and Hunter Grainger. We’ll just choose Hunter for example; he’s arrogant, that’s a no-brainer, but there’s so much more. He’s special forces PJ that suffered through a bombing that has PTSD. He has a slew of tattoos and a father who is a makeup of former J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller combined.

Here’s an example from the book on how I like to think outside the box:

“Like a stupid fxxx he had tried to seduce her. He should’ve known she’d still be angry with him. That vessel had sunk. He had “work” to do while in Parker and she threw a hook in his plans. Hook—line — and he turned into a sucker for her.”

So there you have it.

Now I thought I’d have more unique questions. Like this one–

If you had to give up snacks or drinks during your writing sessions or music which one find more difficult to say goodbye to?

That for me would be easy choice. I could never give up my music. Music sometimes is my muse when I write. So music is a must, hands down.

The other question I’d like to pose is: What behind the scenes tidbit in your life would probably surprise your readers the most?

Maybe people have heard of method acting the idea of the actor embracing the character. Well I like to do what’s called method writing. Very similar to method acting but I embrace my character. I do this by envisioning the scene the night before and meditate on that and write it the next day. No it’s not easy but I have fun and then my character just take control.

How about one more question?

How do you come up with names for your characters?

Well, this is an interesting concept for me. I like to generate a rough idea of the story idea first. Then shortly follows the characters and as I’m drafting each character the names will slowly matriculate to me. This particular story, Whatever It Takes I like to draft the characters and the guys names came easy and there’s a reason why Regan has the ‘a’ missing in her name. But that will be discovered later in future books. When I was scrolling through names to decide, Hunter just leaped out at me.

He was more of a stubborn character to draft. Although fun to create, yet, complicated, and his name just leaped out at me. And his full name ended up being the beginning: Hunter Lee Granger-Storm.

To say I had fun writing this book, yes. Writing novels is not easy but I enjoy it. And I’m writing the second book of the trilogy currently. If you guys have any questions about me feel free to ask.


Marija Carpenter, writing as M.J. Markovski, was born in Detroit, Michigan to Macedonian immigrant parents. She led a sheltered life, then moved to Arizona for college and ended up staying in Tucson.

This first novel came out of her experiences, particularly when she became disabled. She had a very bad exacerbation from MS. The doctors thought she would die from that attack but she’s far from dead. She does use an electric wheelchair for mobility. For now, she looks at it as God’s way for her to have more time to write. She says, “I don’t let my illness define who I am.”

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4 thoughts on “Interview: MJ Markovski”

  1. Welcome to Mysteristas, Marija. You asked fabulous questions – as I read about your use of music, I wondered if you do a playlist for each book or if it is one style of music (or artist) that inspires you?


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