Secret Reading, Guilty Pleasure

Have you ever hidden a book you were reading inside another book, or maybe inside a brown paper wrapper?  How about reading with a flashlight under the covers after your light was supposed to be turned out?  

I bet you have.  I know, I have.  In fact, I’m doing it again, now.  

Hubby and I belong to a couples book club, and for our next meeting, we are each reading something of our own choice.  Each of us chooses a book we’ve always wanted to read, but missed reading it years ago, for whatever reason.  We are to keep our books secret, including from spouses, until the big reveal at our next book club meeting.  Fun, right?  

A couple people in book club are having trouble thinking of such a book, something they’d missed that they’d always wanted to read.  I can’t imagine!  I must have hundreds of possible titles.  

For me, the hardest part of this assignment is how to choose my book.  I can’t choose from the TBR mountain, because those books are too recent, even the ones that go back several years.  I’m not even considering my boxes in the storage unit, because those aren’t my special books.  Instead, I’ve focused on the keepers on my bookshelves, and I’ve come up with a list of 26.  They are the books I regret the most, having missed.  

How to choose just one?  I wasted about a week, just thinking about that.  2 titles jumped out at me, and I kept going back and forth between them.  Finally, I decided what the heck, I’d read them both.  

And that’s what I’m doing.  But…

Have you ever tried deliberately to keep the book you’re reading hidden from your spouse?  It’s not easy.  Especially when I get lost in the stories.  

“What are you doing?” he says, poking his head into my office (translation:  dinner in 15 minutes, where are you?)

“Nothing,” I say, shoving my book under a stack of papers.  

I keep my 2 books hidden away in my desk, and I have to wait until he’s otherwise occupied before I can pull them out.  It’s like when I was a kid with the guilty pleasure of reading a book I wasn’t supposed to read.  

It’s been delightful fun, and I can’t wait to share our secret books!  Next time, I’ll tell what I’m reading, but it’s a secret now.  In the meanwhile… 

What would you have chosen for your secret book?  Is there a book you’ve always wanted to read but missed?  

Author: sue star

Sue Star writes mysteries about families in chaos. She is the author of the Nell Letterly series, about a single mom who teaches karate to support her teenage daughter. Sue also writes suspense with a touch of romance in exotic settings.

9 thoughts on “Secret Reading, Guilty Pleasure”

  1. A book from the past that I always wanted to read??? That’s a hard one for me. I’ve been a lifelong voracious reader. Back in the day I belonged to 4 versions of the Book of the Month Club at once and ordered from all of them. Whoa- this just got easy. The Tricia Beldon series and the Little House books. I never read any! Gotta go – anyone have a spare plain brown wrapper?

    Can’t wait for you to share your selection.

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  2. I truly can’t think of anything that I wanted to read that I haven’t read. That said, my reading went on hiatus for many years while I worked a very demanding job, so I’m now discovering many books that I haven’t read, and reading them. And like many writers, I now have a big TBR pile.

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  3. Let me just say thank goodness for my Kindle when I was reading “50 Shades of Gray.” I tend to read whatever I want —without guilt, regardless of genre— but I’ve missed a lot over the years. Just not enough time to read all the James Michener, EB White, Dickens, Camus, [fill in a zillion more authors] that I want. As far as keeping it a secret? Easy peasy because I read from about 5:30am until 6:45 or so when hubs comes downstairs.

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  4. There are so many books I’ve wanted to read but haven’t simply because I can never seem to make it through my TBR list. I don’t know what I would choose for my secret book, but you’ve inspired me to pick up something new!

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  5. Wow, I’m impressed that you all have managed to keep up so well! The more I read, the more I find I’ve missed. For instance, there’s all of Dickens…

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  6. Like Becky, I don’t really believe in “guilty” reading; I read whatever I want. I have a hardcover copy of a SFF book called “The Stars are Legion” by Kameron Hurley, and as special preorder bonus, she had a mock book jacket made up that said “Lesbians in Space” (as it was described by one reviewer) instead of its actual name. Love the double takes it gets from people 😂

    As for book I missed out on, do the Sue Grafton books count? I’ve only read one and a half books in the series. If not, probably the Narnia books. I’ve had the compendium for a million years but never read any of them.

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  7. First, I read whatever I want. No secrets. But I do think this a fun idea for a bookclub. A book I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t, is A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW. Everyone I know who has read it raves about it. My big question is time. Maybe it’ll be out in audio soon?

    I don’t put hard copies of books in our main library (a converted bedroom) until after I’ve read them. We have another converted bedroom we call the Reading Room, with a crammed bookcase with all of the books I haven’t gotten to yet, not to mention the pile near my pillow in our bedroom. It’s a process.


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