Mysterista Monday: Spring reading lists

By this time, spring as sprung everywhere (okay, mostly everwhere). Mysteristas, what’s on your spring reading list?


19 thoughts on “Mysterista Monday: Spring reading lists”

  1. I just finished AS DIRECTED by our own Kathleen Valenti (excellent) and am currently reading MURDER BY MATCHLIGHT by ECR Lorac, a Golden Age author I’ve never heard of. It was in my book bag from Malice.

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  2. For Mother’s Day, #1 daughter bought me “The Department of Sensitive Crimes” by Alexander Smith. “Katie Caprero” is particularly interested in reading it because one of the crimes involves a young woman whose imaginary boyfriend goes missing — perfect for her.
    I also went to Literary Orange, met a bunch of authors, and got signed copies of “Watch the Girls” by Jennifer Wolfe, and “Lost Roses” by Martha Hall Kelly.
    Of course Peter James will have a new Roy Grace, “Dead at First Sight” out soon, so I’ll be reading that one as well.
    New ARC books on my list include “Bark of the Night” by David Rosenfelt, and “Keep You Close” by Karen Cleveland.

    P. S. I have been dealing with some medical complications involving Gary (my first husband as he reminds everyone) and I have been absent on line, but I have strong family support and close friends who are invaluable. In a few days I should be returning to life similar to what it was (it will never be the same) and commenting as usual.

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      1. Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers. Gary’ medical situation took a drastic turn for the worse on May 19. Not something anyone was expecting. Now I have an entirely new journey ahead, but without him. It has been rough so far, but I am going on day by day, sometimes minute by minute.


  3. I’m on a kick right now to read books that I’ve missed, for whatever reason. I’m reading The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins, which is considered the first detective novel. It’s interesting to see how modern mysteries so often follow this basic structure.

    Best wishes, 3 no 7, to you and your family!

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  4. Forcing myself back… I “appeared” (I always think I’m a ghost when I say that) at a bookclub today, and a book that came up more than once was EDUCATED. I’m thinking that could be a book I want to read.


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