What we’re writing – January edition

It’s a new year. A year when some of us have books coming out (see countdown widgets in the sidebar), which always means deadlines. Some of us are just…writing. Question is, what? Mysteristas, tell us in the comments!


13 thoughts on “What we’re writing – January edition”

  1. Oh, so much writing. Because I’m an overachiever, I:

    1. Just finished the first round of revisions on BROKEN TRUST, book #3 in The Laurel Highlands Mysteries (which is not releasing until 2020).
    2. Getting HEAVE HAS NO RAGE ready for submission to the publisher next February.
    3. Drafting book #4 in the series (the infamous “book without a title or a contract.”

    Busy, busy!

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  2. I just finished first draft of first book in new series, not under contract. Letting that rest while I do a revision on Maeve #3. HELL AND HIGH WATER due to publisherin July. I like bouncing back and forth between projects. It gives me time and space to see both projects with fresh eyes.

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  3. I’m writing the first draft for #3 of the Aspen Falls Thrillers series, noodling a plot concept for #3 of the Mex Anderson series, just completed a sample treatment of an autobiography I’m hoping to ghostwrite, and am waiting for the publisher to give me the green light on an autobiography we paused over the holidays.

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  4. I’m working on Book 3 of my PI Kelly Pruett series and playing with another idea for a stand-alone or potential book 2 of my mysteries set in Misty Pines.

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  5. I’m wrapping up final edits on a romantic suspense to turn in to the publisher next week. And I’m also writing short fiction under other pen names. Meanwhile, I’m considering another cozy series, if I can find the right angle.

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  6. I love reading how busy everyone is! I’m finishing up the proposal for a new cozy series (now that I’ve sprinkled it with cozy dust), and trying to tamp down twirly-swirly ideas for a standalone I don’t have time to think about yet. Plus, I’m not sure the time is right for it, anyway, since it’s a bit darker and do I want to dilute my funny, cozy brand when it’s barely gotten traction? Cunundrum.

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  7. Well, as you know, my writing consists of book reviews, not the books themselves. Over Christmas vacation, I had time to do a lot of reading, but not a lot of writing. I have gathered my notes together, and in January you can expect reviews on Looks at Books (https://3no7.wordpress.com/ ) of “The boyfriend “ and “The Burglar” by Thomas Perry (in preparation for his visit to The Book Carnival in Orange on January 27); The Night Agent” by Matthew Quirk (in preparation for his visit on February 2); “All the Way Down” by Eric Beetner (in preparation for his visit on February 3); “The Intern” and “Out of the Dark” by Gregg Hurwitz Quirk (in preparation for his visit on February 16); and “Absolute Proof” by Peter James (who I wish were coming to The Book Carnival) because it is such a darn good story.
    And if any of you have review copies in the future on NetGAlley or Edelweiss, I’ll probably be reviewing those as well. Now, back to my notes —-📔📕📖📗📘📙📚📒

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  8. Took a break on my cozy WIP last month due to bereavement, but now I’m back to tap-tapping away on it. I’d say I’m roughly 70% into it, which is both thrilling (the majority of it is done!) and scary (I still have to wrap it all up in a satisfying way!).

    I also have an idea for a short story that I’ve been playing with for FOREVER but can’t figure out how to make work. Maybe once I finish the cozy, I’ll give the short story another try. They’re so hard though…

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  9. So many captivating mysteries in the works – how exciting! I’m wrapping up edits on book 4 in my Adventures of Zelda Richardson series. It’s another art-related mystery, this time set in the Netherlands, Croatia and Turkey. The plot revolves around organized crime and a whole lot of museum heists – it’s been fun to write! Good luck with all of your books, Mysteristas!

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