What Mystery Conventions Are You Going To in 2019?

Me and Louise Penny
Louise Penny and me

I had a blast going to conventions this year. Made it to Left Coast Crime, which was held in Reno, Malice Domestic in Bethesda and Crimebake in Boston, and they were all fabulous in their own ways. Left Coast, although a fairly big conference, has an intimate feeling. It’s like going to a family reunion and seeing all of your favorite cousins. At this year’s Malice, Louise Penney, Ann Cleeves and Brenda Blethyn (Vera) were guests of honor, and spirits were especially high with this fabulous trio of glamorous and talented ladies.

This year was my first Crimebake. Crimebake’s a little different than the other two because there is a focus on meeting and pitching to agents. It’s a smaller conference but no less inspirational. This year Walter Mosley was the guest of honor. I was so moved by his reading that I ran into the hall, bought his new book, JOHN WOMAN, and read half of it on the plane ride home.

With the entire year yawning out before me, I decided to cruise through the net and see what mystery conventions are scheduled.

Sleuthfest 2019. March 14-17. Boca Raton, Florida. http://sleuthfest.com/. Guest of honor is T. Jefferson Parker.

Murder and Mayhem. March 23. Chicago, Illinois. http://murdermayhemchicago.com/. The keynotes will be Sophie Hannah and Scott Turow.

Left Coast Crime 2019. March 28-31. Vancouver, British Columbia. http://www.leftcoastcrime.org/2019/. Guests of Honor are C. J. Box and Maureen Jennings.

Edgar Awards. March or April. New York City. Nominees are listed at: https://mysterywriters.org/edgars/currentsubmissions/

Malice Domestic 31. May 3-5. Bethesda, Maryland. http://malicedomestic.org/. Guest of Honor is Donna Andrews.

ThrillerFest XIV. July 9-13. New York City. http://thrillerfest.com/. Guests include John Sanford, Harlan Coben and Margaret Marbury.

Pulpfest. August 15-18. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. http://www.pulpfest.com/.

Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival. August 10. Suffolk, Virginia. http://www.suffolkmysteryauthorsfestival.com/.

Killer Nashville. August 22-25. Nashville, Tennessee. https://killernashville.com/.

Creatures, Crimes & Creativity. September 13-15. Columbia, Maryland. http://creaturescrimesandcreativity.com/.  Guests include David Mack and Julie Hyzy.

Bouchercon 2019. October 21-November 3. Dallas. Texas. https://www.bouchercon2019.com/. Guests include Peter Lovesey, Hank Phillippi Ryan, James Patterson, Deborah Crombie and Anthony Horowitz.

New England Crimebake. November. http://crimebake.org/.

Mysteristas: are there any conventions I missed? Which ones are you planning to attend?








21 thoughts on “What Mystery Conventions Are You Going To in 2019?”

    1. Writer’s Police Academy is awesome. One of these years, hopefully before Lee has to close the doors for good, I’ll have the money to get back (I can’t drive any more, since it moved to Green Bay, at that ups the cost for me significantly).

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  1. There’s one in Pittsburgh? Must check it out.

    I did Magna Cum Murder in 2018 in Indianapolis. But in 2019 it’s the weekend before Bouchercon and I don’t think I can do that much traveling (and my Visa is yelling at me).

    I’ll be at Malice and Bouchercon Dallas this coming year, though.

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  2. I’m moderating a panel at Murder and Mayhem in Chicago (my hometown!) and I won a scholarship to Left Coast Crime, so 2019 will be my first time at LCC.

    I registered for Malice, but I may have to cancel it. As much as I love it, I have nothing to promote and these trips are sooo expensive. I just don’t have the funds 😦

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  3. Keenan, you left out the California Crime Writers Conference! https://ccwconference.org/. CCWC is a fantastic biannual craft conference. This year’s keynote speakers are Tess Gerritsen and Catriona McPherson, who will also be leading workshops in addition to a variety of panels on everything from forensics to marketing to writing to Hollywood.

    Here’s a description: In addition to keynote speeches by our two guests of honor, Tess Gerritsen and Catriona McPherson, each guest of honor will also be teaching a writing workshop. Plus, we are taking advantage of our proximity to Hollywood to bring in producers and screenwriters to discuss book options, adaptations, and what to do when Hollywood calls. All of this in addition to craft panels, forensic workshops, and the fun and fellowship you’ve come to expect from CCWC.

    I encourage everyone to come join us in Lalaland in June. It’s an amazing, inspirational experience! (Alert: attendance is capped at around 200.)

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  4. Malice, definitely. Bouchercon, probably. LCC, hopefully, but a bit unlikely since it coincides with kiddos’ spring break. And now, I’ve put CCWC on my list. (Thank you Ellen!!!)

    Hope to see some of you at various and sundry conferences!

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