Goin’ on a Moose Hunt

My family and friends think I am obsessed with moose.  That’s an exaggeration, but it is true that I collect any and all things moose.  For example, I have a favorite signing pen, which is made from moose antlers.  I also have moose-shaped earrings, stuffed moose, moose paintings, moose bookmarks, moose appliques, moose ornaments, moose potholders, books about moose, and…  Well, you get the idea.  Maybe they’re right, and maybe it is a slight obsession.  


I am not sure why it began, but when I first spotted a moose in the wilds of the Canadian Rockies some years ago, it was love at first sight.  I’ve been looking for them ever since.  Lucky for me, the moose population here in Colorado has been thriving in recent years.  

So, imagine my delight when my publisher provided me with the title for a Nell Letterly mystery:  Murder by Moose.  

Yes, research!!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides a wealth of information, starting here:  


A tiny town in northern Colorado, just west of Rocky Mountain National Park, is considered the moose capital of Colorado.  There’s even a moose visitor center:  


Here are five fun facts I’ve learned about moose:  

  1. Moose used to live in Virginia.  
  2. Sometimes a moose has to kneel on its front legs to drink, as they’re longer than their back legs.  
  3. Bull moose aren’t the only ones with dewlaps (those beards that hang down).  Even cows and calves have short ones.  
  4. A frightened moose can run as fast as 35mph.
  5. Moose have excellent hearing–they can move one ear at a time and hear voices a mile away.  It’s not likely we can sneak up on a moose! 

As this posts, I will be up there looking for my buddies once again.  

Do you have a favorite wild animal, too?    


Author: sue star

Sue Star writes mysteries about families in chaos. She is the author of the Nell Letterly series, about a single mom who teaches karate to support her teenage daughter. Sue also writes suspense with a touch of romance in exotic settings.

26 thoughts on “Goin’ on a Moose Hunt”

  1. I’ve never seen a moose, but I’ve seen the damage they can do after one ran into my friend’s car and basically totaled it.

    I’m a big city gal through and through; wildlife makes me nervous. Beautiful to look at, but from afar.

    Do penguins count as wildlife? I’d love to hang out with a colony of penguins.

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  2. Sue Star: I’m in Anchorage Alaska where one is likely to see at least one moose a day. They ate my lilacs. So i pulled out the lilac. They ate my baby maple tree to the ground. It’s coming back as a shrub. They even eat my roses. But the babies are cute and the cows are elegant and the bulls are majestic. Having said all thar, I like eagles better.

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  3. I have only had one “encounter” with a moose, and that was enough for me. During a family camping trip to Yellowstone, we “observes” a moose walking though the far side of parking lot outside the lodge store (perhaps the moose also needed to pick up snacks for the kids), and it was walking at a leisurely pace, minding its own business (extremely fine with me as we hustled to our car, far from the moose) Then, a “tourist” group (not sure exactly what to call these people) decided that they needed close-up photos with the moose and eagerly approached it, talking, laughing, and conversing as if it were the costumed Mickey Mouse they had seen a few weeks previously in Disneyland. As you might expect, the moose was not about to be in photos without extracting a price, and in this case that price happened to be a couple of car fenders, doors, and a hood (not our car!) The tourists escaped with only asphalt scrapes, cuts, bruises and racing heart rates.
    That reinforced to the kids that we look with our eyes from FAR away.

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  4. I love moose! I live in Maine, can’t wait to get back there – we have a moose feeding trail at the top of our yard. One day looking out the back slider I saw a baby moose poke his head out of the woods and start across the clearing, mama followed soon after, nothing too unusual, but when papa came after, I grabbed the camera. That is unusual! I wrecked the pic trying to get artsy, but I’ll see if I can find it and send it along. Living in Fla, no moose, but I have my moose critters on my shelves, lots of them. Yep, I’m a mooseaholic.

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  5. Well Sue Star … I’ve never seen a moose, but I’ve heard them up in Northern Michigan when they call to one another at night. As I buried my head under my pillow I decided that Bullwinkle never made all this noise. I learned a lot about moose from your post though. I’d have to say I like deer – they look like such gentle creatures. I would have said squirrels as I love to interact with them at the Park every day – they are smart as a whip but they don’t really seem like much of a wild animal with those pleading eyes, flicking that bushy tail, and trying to climb onto my shoe to reach the bag of peanuts that swings from my fanny pack while I’m walking. I spoil them silly but that’s okay as I think I was little and cute at one time too. 🙂

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          1. Yes, isn’t that amazing how loud the noise is? My parents rented a cottage back in 1968 in Alpena, Michigan. The people who owned the cottage never said anything about the moose calling at night. We soon learned. The calls of the loons, though a little eerie sounding, were soothing in a way, so we had the loons and the moose out there every night. I remember they had a really bad black fly epidemic that year and sitting outside was impossible after dusk, so much reading was done, in between moose calls, and at times it was hard to concentrate as it went on continuously.

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  6. I’ve never seen a moose in the wild, but I kinda want to. From a safe vantage point, of course.

    Mia, I think penguins count.

    Oh, and I see plenty of wildlife from my desk: squirrels, chipmunks, birds, groundhogs, turkeys, deer, rabbits…

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  7. Thanks for all your comments! They confirm how important it is to give moose and all wildlife a wide berth. Sad to report, I found no moose on my moose hunt, but I did get a new t-shirt for my collection. So it’s a win. And I get to try again!


  8. What a delightful post! Javelina’s also do that kneeling thing which worried me the first time I saw one doing it. I thought he was injured.

    Oh, man. I love all wild animals. (And btw, totally respect their space.) But I think the majesty of a lion would completely capture my attention.


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