The peace of the morning

It’s quiet as I write this.

My house is rarely quiet, but at this moment, the only noise is the clacking of my keyboard. My husband is gone to work and everyone else is still asleep.

I would go outside, where the only noise would be keyboards and birds, but the humidity is too much right now.

I have checked my email, read my blogs, perused my social media. The day job awaits, as does the hours of writing I did not get done yesterday, and the task of taking my son for his learner’s permit test.

It’s a moment when the whole world seems to be holding its breath.

I know people who are intimidated by moments like this. They need constant action and noise to feel comfortable. I think that’s a shame. The quiet like this is so perfect for so many things…energizing for the day, prayer, meditation, solving a tough plot problem. In a life filled with tasks, technology, selfies, social media, and the like, this solemn silence is sacred. And so unusual that maybe it’s not so odd that people are intimidated by being silent and alone.

<pause to soak up the silence>

Thump, slam. Someone’s up. Silent time is over.

Readers, what about you? Do you enjoy your silent alone time? What’s your favorite spot to enjoy a peaceful moment?

Author: Liz Milliron

Liz Milliron has been making up stories, and creating her own endings for other people's stories, for as long as she can remember. She survived growing up through reading, cutting her mystery teeth on Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark and, of course, Nancy Drew. She is the author of THE LAUREL HIGHLANDS MYSTERIES and THE HOMEFRONT MYSTERIES. Her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies. She lives near Pittsburgh with her husband, two children, and her retired-racer greyhound.

20 thoughts on “The peace of the morning”

  1. Oh, I love this. I’m up at 5:30 every morning because I love that peace, even though it’s just me and hubs now. I fling open the windows and doors downstairs and listen to the birds singing, the squirrels chittering, the distant hum of traffic, the occasional footfalls of a jogger.

    Just yesterday I was thinking this exact thing. It’s just me and the ninja dog here during the day and I was busy with a household task that didn’t require much brain space. But I decided not to turn on news or music and wondered about those people who constantly need some kind of noise. I don’t understand them and I’m sure they don’t understand me.

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  2. Great post! The early morning hours have always been my favorite since I was a little kid. My parents wouldn’t let me go outside until 6 AM, which was frustrating. When we were living in California, before I turned four, I used to walk in a birch stand behind our house and listen to the birds. I’ve always thought of it as the time when I have the world to myself. Nowadays I wake up between 4 AM and 5 AM, depending on the sun and manage to squeeze 90 minutes of sitting at the home office desk. Even as I write this, it’s 5:39 AM, the windows are open, the birds are tweeting, and clean new air is circulating through my house.

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    1. My dad was always an early riser and I loved getting alone time with him, especially when we were camping. He’d have made a pot of coffee and we’d sit quietly on logs or camp chairs and watch the sun rise over a lake or the mountains, or stare at the whitetail deer or raccoons or cows who invaded our camp. I’d always get my own tin cup of coffee, such a marvelous treat on those cold mornings.

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  3. Maybe writers and readers appreciate quiet and solitude more than others. Outside, I sit at our table, put my feet up on another chair, and appreciate my own little slice of Paradise. Inside, at night, I like to sit in the darkened living room. That’s when I talk to my mom.

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  4. I love this post – even though I live alone, and I work from home, I love my morning walks, a chance to just be alone with my thoughts. I really don’t like to be rude to people when they start talking to me or say “let’s walk together”, but despite my solitary life, it is a place that is to be enjoyed and savored and a good and peaceful way to start my day.


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