Hanging Feet


When mystery story enthusiasts see something like this, as I did on my recent Caribbean cruise, all sorts of possibilities pop to mind.  Because we’re never really on vacation.  I like to call it getting away.

Getting away is an important part of a writer’s life (or anyone’s, for that matter) on account of the 3 R’s:

  • Recharge
  • Refuel
  • Re-e-e-lax

For the last several years, I have been “studying” the fine art of getting away, and this cruise was my latest installment.  My conclusion?  Everyone needs a get-away every once in a while.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  It could be as simple as watching a movie or enjoying happy hour while the babysitter takes care of the kids.  It could be a virtual journey with a good book, a day on the slopes, a weekend camping trip, or two weeks in Timbuktu.

A good get-away, in my opinion, boils down to the following requirements:

  • A break from the routine.
  • A change in scenery.
  • An environment where you can make personal discoveries, either navel gazing by yourself or connecting with your favorite people–no plugging into devices allowed!

Get-aways come in all types of packages, depending on your needs.  Personally, I need to get away in the winter to someplace warm and sunny.  Now, don’t get me wrong–I love winter snow and roaring fireplaces.  But getting away from the routine and seeing something completely different for a while helps me love my routine even more, because I am recharged, refueled, and relaxed.

Who do you think the hanging feet belong to?

  1.  a hapless victim from the cabin on the deck above
  2.  a villain trying to break into the cabin above to steal a diamond as big as a strawberry, or
  3.  a window washer

Author: sue star

Sue Star writes mysteries about families in chaos. She is the author of the Nell Letterly series, about a single mom who teaches karate to support her teenage daughter. Sue also writes suspense with a touch of romance in exotic settings.

16 thoughts on “Hanging Feet”

  1. Love it! So many options. . .fantastic. And yes, we all need to get away. I’ve been reminding my team of this lately. We have paid time off for a reason, and I need them to use it – they’re better, our team is better, when we all take that time. I’m a much nicer human when I prioritize a recharge! We’re sneaking away for a long weekend soon, and I’m so excited to have some family time away from chores and social media.

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  2. It’s gotta be somebody who robbed the Federal Reserve, hijacked a plane, and dropped from the sky like DB Cooper. Did any of your cruise companions seem particularly sweaty or without their … ahem … sea legs at dinner?

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  3. One of my students just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas, and she was like, “Teacher, you have to go! And make sure to upgrade to a luxury suite like I did, it’s worth it.” Which, you know, I’d love to do if I weren’t a part-time ESL teacher as opposed to a rich Swedish plastic surgeon (like my student). Seems lovely though.

    And those dangling feet! So many possibilities. The closest I have to a get-away coming up soon is a conference in New York that my company is sending me too. I’m staying a couple extra days after to meet up with friends 🙂

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  4. Once I agreed to take over a colleague’s class at the last minute, and I used that extra income to fund my first cruise as a reward for a trying semester. I’ve been hooked ever since! If you figure out the daily cost, it’s not that bad. Meanwhile, enjoy your conference!


  5. I LOVE the dangling feet! My mind sometimes changes the mundane into in odd possibilities as well. I think that it of course was the window washer but what if it was a mash-up of 1,2,and 4? The villain pushed the victim out of the cabin when he/she was discovered trying to steal the diamond and the unsuspecting amateur sleuth/mystery writer who was the occupant of the cabin below was suddenly confronted with dangling legs!!! I see a cozy “Woman in Cabin 10” just waiting for someone to write.

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