Mysterista Monday: Be (Our) Valentine

32777488791_62d72ed86e_zAh, Valentine’s Day. When lovers everywhere express their undying affection, and the sales of chocolates and flowers explodes. Or are you celebrating Galentine’s? Whatever it is, Mysteristas, what are your plans?

Liz: It’s kind of weird, but for years The Hubby and I would go to the car show and ogle all the expensive new cars we couldn’t afford. Then we got out of the habit, but we went last year and will probably go again. Oh! And I always get some truffles from a local chocolatier, their “American” variety (filled with caramel, cookies & cream, nuts, etc.). But an old college friend of mine was so soured on Valentine’s Day, she used to say she was celebrating Lincoln’s Birthday!

Keenan: When the girls were little, I would make a great fuss over them because I wanted them to know that love isn’t limited to Prince Charming. One year, I bought them each a little rose quartz heart on a necklace. This year, I’m doing a Valentine’s Day Hop over at Facebook. One lucky commenter will receive an autographed Deadly Solution.

Becky: I’m not very romantic and neither is my husband. If I were to write romance, the steamiest passage would be when I saw he had cleaned the kitchen, gassed up my car, and made brownies. I’d make my readers faint with desire to have such a man. We also don’t do much about Valentine’s Day because his birthday is two weeks before and mine is two days after. We usually celebrate with a trip to a nice restaurant, combine all three events into one, and sometimes add St Patrick’s Day, Arbor Day, and St Swithun’s Day as well.

Sue:  I plan to eat chocolate.  Surprisingly, there’s some left over from my cruise.  A fun getaway trip is usually how Hubby and I celebrate Valentine’s Day, because it’s also our anniversary.

Mia: I am very much NOT a romantic person. My husband and I don’t really celebrate it, although we might go to a restaurant since I’ll take any excuse to eat out and avoid cooking. However, this year I’m much more looking forward to the day after Valentine’s Day: the Black Panther movie comes out (I’m sooo excited), plus all the leftover V-day chocolate goes on sale!

Pamela: Om nom nom! I love chocolate, so hopefully there will be chocolate. This year, we’re taking our daughter out to dinner – her music teacher is playing with his performance group, Le Madeleine, and we’re very excited to go and listen. I’m pretty low key; Vday has become much too commercial for me!

Kait: We don’t usually do much on Valentine’s day, but prefer to celebrate with a dinner out at the weekend. This year he surprised me though. He came home with a chocolate cake on Friday night – for Valentine’s day – no reminding required.  Impressive since he hates chocolate so it was all for me!

What about you? Share your plans!

Photo courtesy of DaPuglet on Flickr; used under Creative Commons license.


9 thoughts on “Mysterista Monday: Be (Our) Valentine”

  1. Happy anniversary, Sue and happy birthday, Becky.

    Did anyone else notice that Valentine’s Day and Lent start on the same day this year? The nine-year-old parochial school child that lives in my heart cringed at the implications of that! My Dad used to bring home chocolate filled candy hearts for my mother and me every year. Sweet memories.

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    1. Yes. The Hubby said weeks ago that we were going to get together with two other (non-Catholic) couples for dinner at a local Brazilian chiarrascura restaurant for Valentine’s. “Better make the plans for a Saturday,” I said. “Why?” he asked. “Because Valentine’s Day is Ash Wednesday, which means every Friday is a day of abstinence. A dinner that is all about charred meat would definitely not be appropriate for us.”

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  2. Oh, we’re a funny group! And clearly, we are not going to be writing a lot of romances between mysteries.

    Keenan, we did something similar when our daughter was younger. It was fun to make a fuss over her, and we also did quite a few parties. Focus on fun!

    Becky, I laughed out loud. I LOVED your swoon-worthy passage.

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  3. My late mother’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day – she used to say she was cheated out of Valentine’s Day treats since it got passed by as my father wasn’t the romantic type. I recently digitized all the photo albums and found a few Christmas pictures of my mom opening a box containing a big soup pot … he was sitting there proud as a peacock to give it to her. Hmmm. I left that one in the photo album. 🙂

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  4. Sorry I misssed this. LoML and I will exchange cards. I bought him a subscription to THE WEEK, which is hardly romantic. We try and express our love and appreciation for each other every day. Not just one day. He sometimes has flowers delivered. Especially if he’s playing golf in Mexico.

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