Coping with Earrings

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m really stressed, I buy earrings. And I have lots of earrings from my days as a full-time trial lawyer. I still remember the day I walked into Nordstrom’s and realized I had a pair of earrings from every rack. (In Anchorage, Nordstrom’s is conveniently located between the state courthouse and the federal courthouse, a mere ten minute walk from any law office.)

I have kitschy earrings I never wear but they make me happy when I look at them. From my Swarovski period, I have crystal studs and big flashy crystal clip-ons. ACrystal earringst least I think these are Swarovksi. I got these for my mother of the bride outfit and then didn’t wear them.

It’s all a blur now.  Being the MOB is one of the most stressful experiences I’ve ever had. It’s like childbirth only it lasts from the moment the engagement is announced through the inevitable tearful break-up after you’ve spent thousands in deposit, to the tearful reconciliation to the rebooking. By the time, they get married and ALL your ex-husbands show  up, you’re reading for a trip out of the country. But I digress.

The clip-ons are pictured here with the Dumbo I won on the  California Adventureland boardwalk. Dumbo has nothing to do with this piece but he’s cute and so I thought you might enjoy seeing him.

I have white pearl studs and black pearl drops.  I had little diamond chips but I lost one so I’m looking for a pirate to give the other one too. It’s good karma, you know.

But mostly I wear silver hoops these days because – ahem – they match my hair.

Anyway, I find myself suffering over what earrings to wear to the Crimebake banquet. I decided on a black velvet duster with matching camisole and pants. I can pretend I’m Miss Phryne Fisher. It’s November 11 in Boston.

I don’t want to wear rhinestone or crystal because it seems a little too early in the season for glam.So Mysteristas, I’m open to suggestions.


15 thoughts on “Coping with Earrings”

  1. Loved the post (and Dumbo!). Love earrings, too, but forever losing them and the can’t bear to get rid of the widowed mate. Looking forward to seeing you at Crime Bake…and go ahead, tuck in a little sparkle for the Banquet. Everything goes.

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  2. Dumbo is adorable. I’m with Lisa – it’s never to early in the season for a little glam. But if you don’t want to, how about pearls? Or if it’s a black duster, something with some color.

    I mostly wear crystal studs these days (I have one pair of crystals on a hoop-like thing), but I used to love earrings. I still remember smuggling the big, colorful ones out of the house in the 80s because my mother disapproved of them–but they were all the rage at school.

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  3. I still have my crazy earring collection from the 80s! One pair is so big I hang them on the Christmas tree as ornaments. I’m not kidding! I have the pictures to prove it. Now I just wear the same earrings all the time. To be honest, it’s partly because those 80s earrings stretched out my holes so badly. But also, it takes 80s earrings to show up in my mop of hair.

    I think silver is perfect for you, Keenan. Maybe with a little sparkle somewhere. Small silver hoops with a few rhinestones. That’s my two cents.

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    1. Thanks, Ellen! My earring holes migrated down and were about to slip off my ears. They didn’t stretch; just slowly moved down. It was really weird. So I went in and had another set put in above them. I tell everyone I had an earring hole lift. People believe that.

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  4. Keenan, I share your fetish. Wherever I go I like to collect earrings. I even have a pair of microphone earrings I had made up as swag-giveaways for my books. Seemed appropriate , since the Carol Childs Mysteries take place inside a radio station. Lots of fun. I’ll be sure to notice your earrings when we meet in person.

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  5. First, I have to say – I’m so happy I’ll get to meet you at Crime Bake!! Yay!! (Haven’t even thought about what I’m wearing, though.) Also, I adore earrings, and have zillions (which is a big number, honest), but I almost always wear one of two pairs of silver hoops. Ah, well. I do bring out my chalk outline earrings whenever I know I’m going to have a super annoying meeting. It’s my little way of throwing some shade. . .:)

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