What We’re Writing

8156647841_b7e75ed4ae_zFall, wonderful fall. Turning leaves, kids back to school, sweaters, pumpkin spice everything…and writing! Some of us are on vacation (Sue) and some are riding out Irma (Kait), but here’s a peek at what’s occupying our writing time this month.

Liz: I’ve got a lot going on. I just went through and returned the edits for my story “A Family Affair,” which is going to be included in The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Fifth Course of Chaos from Untreed Reads. Then I’m wrapping up the proofread on Root of All Evil (the book formerly known as And Corruption For All). I’m also polishing a new short story that maybe can be submitted somewhere – if I can get the ending right. Finally, I’m gearing up to start The Enemy We Don’t Know, the historical mystery take-off from my story in Mystery Most Historical, “Home Front Homicide.” Whew!

Keenan: Big news! I just signed a three-book deal with Level Best Books. My first book, Deadly Solution, is slated for release in early 2018. So, I’m busily polishing, polishing, polishing. The housecleaning will wait, right?

24111292_3bdcd3d997_zKate: I’m busy in the writing cave working on a brand new cozy, sorta Sideways meets Joanne Fluke (at least, that’s what I’m aspiring for!), working title: Killer Chardonnay. Gotta admit, the best part is the research 😉

Kimberly: I’m finishing up Ghost and Found, the sequel to Dead and Breakfast, which will be released this fall. I’m also outlining my first adult mystery with a young heroine who is a mixture of Veronica Mars and Jessica Jones, but without the PI experience. I always love a new project.

Pamela: I’m still playing with a few different things. The most recent is a new piece, set in a coastal New England town. There’s some witchcraft, a few mysteries, and a really cool family that I think readers will love! I’m excited to work on something where I can go walk my setting in real live, and nail down the details. Of course, that’s a little scary, too!


6 thoughts on “What We’re Writing”

  1. Congrats on that contract, Keenan! Everyone sounds so busy, and I’m just relaxing! Only because I just turned in my next book to editor. While I am between projects, I am refueling and recharging. Will do some short stories before starting the next novel.

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  2. Y’all are so inspiring! My writing has taken a back-burner for a while now, but I’m realizing how much I’ve missed having that opportunity to do something that feeds my creative side. I feel happier, more satisfied, with many aspects of life when I have some writing time. Thanks, ladies!

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  3. I’m so deep in it (and I’ll let you decide what “it” is) that I couldn’t even get to the actual post in time! I was at a conference over the weekend where I had a long chat with my editor who told me she read Book #2 of my Mystery Writer’s Mystery series and loved it. The first one, FICTION CAN BE MURDER, comes out in April but now we have to decide whether we want #2 to come out six months after that or keep it at yearly releases. Strategic pros and cons to both decisions. So I’m working with her and my agent to decide, as well as working on more of the Mystery Writer’s Mysteries and a new cozy series set in the world of crossword puzzles. Plus marketing, plus beating some short stories into shape (which I decidedly do NOT know how to do), plus getting ready for Bouchercon next month, plus trying to live my life, plus, plus, plus. Some days it seems more possible than others!

    I’m so excited to hear about everyone’s new ventures and ideas AND to hear that some of you are kicking back for a bit. I did that, and now I’m back on the merry-go-round … it’s so important to sit out and recharge sometimes.

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  4. I am excited to read what all ya’all are writing because that means I will have lots of new things to read. As far as what I’m writing — HA HA well I am, of course, just writing reviews on what YOU are writing. I just finished “The Room of White Fire” by Jeff Parker. I met J. A. Jance at an event last night (The Book Carnival, Orange) and picked up her newest book (Proof of Life) AND one of her previous books (Second Watch) AND her great book of poetry (After the Fire).

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