Meet My Narrowboat

Tempest is 30 feet long and 6 feet wide.  At full speed, she putters 2 miles per hour, racing swans, ducks, and coots.  We cruise 45 minutes to the grocery store, where we tie up while we shop.


Inside, she has all the comforts of home:  2 bench-style beds, a kitchen, with pull-out table, a snug wood-burning fireplace, and even a wet room.  What more do we need?


Narrowboats used to be working boats, delivering supplies and products to and from factories along the English canal system.  Families lived in tinier quarters than ours at the back of the boat, giving over the rest of the boat to their payload.  Workhorses towed the boats and plodded along miles of towpath along the canals, connecting most of England.

Highways and trains changed all that.  Engines power the narrowboats now.  The canal system is being restored for recreational use.  Boats have been converted into homes, and they come with a lot of tradition from their gypsy-like history.  Castles and roses traditionally decorate these boats, including Tempest:


I might have to write a book set here.  Should I?

9 thoughts on “Meet My Narrowboat”

  1. I would LOVE to read a book set on your Narrow Boat. One of those great photos would go perfectly on “Looks at Books” when I review it, so write the book, I’ll review the book, and save those photos so I can post one. Now, get to that writing; the crime needs solving, and people are waiting.

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