An American Book Nerd in London

You know you’re a book nerd if you travel all the way to Great Britain and…

UKWeatherSpend so long at the Jane Austen museum in Bath that you run out of time to see the actual baths the town is famous for.

Attend a midnight release party for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Waterstones, feeling giddy that you get to read the newest installment 7 hours before your Colorado counterparts.

Spend the first leg of your honeymoon at the Sherlock-themed hotel on Baker Street (my husband is really amazing).

Force your friends to wander around Hyde Park for hours in search of the Peter Pan statue.

Make a special trip to King’s Cross Station just to see Platform 9 and ¾.

Walk along the south bank of the Thames to see the Globe Theater where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed.

What have you done that proves you’re a book nerd at heart?


Author: Kate Lansing

I write mysteries, YA novels, and short fiction. I also read A LOT, travel as much as possible, and take way too many pictures of my cat.

13 thoughts on “An American Book Nerd in London”

  1. Love it! A book nerd in London? Strolling the Thames, but searching the books displayed in bookseller stalls rather than admiring the sights. Or, spending a month in London and only visiting Foyles on Charing Cross. Guess that makes me one, too!


  2. If you rent a vacation home within walking distance of the nearest bookstore, you’re a book nerd! (The home we rent these days is within walking distance of two bookstores AND the public library!)



  3. I’m glad to be among fellow book nerds 😉

    Sue, the next time I visit London I’ll have to go to Foyles!

    DebRo, that vacation rental sounds like a dream come true! I’d have my nose in a book the whole time, lol.

    Pamela, college libraries are the best, so many hidden nooks to explore… 🙂


  4. Fabulous connections! I turned a bedroom into a library. One which I need to re-organize because one of its patrons didn’t pay attention to His Wife when the filing system was explained.


  5. Foyles – oh, heaven! I can remember a time when I went without grocery shopping because it would cut into my book buying budget! I had one really good friend who shared my addiction and my financial status, and we would each grocery shop two weeks out of the month and share dinners and lunches (we worked together) so we could feed our bookish Jones. Unfortunately, we had totally different tastes in books so we were rarely able to save money by swapping our reading material.


  6. I bought all my Harry Potter books at Blackwell’s in Oxford and had them shipped home. Then I flew home with a stop in Iceland to buy a “Harry Potter” scarf. True nerd.


  7. Peg, good luck with the home library! Never mess with an avid reader’s filing system!

    Kait, what a fun story! Shame your roommate didn’t have compatible reading tastes, that’s basically the book nerd’s equivalent to sharing a shoe size 😉

    Reine, I tip my hat to you as a HP fangirl! Your scarf sounds amazing. I never got a scarf, but did make many t-shirts 🙂


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