What we’re reading – summer style

Here in the northern hemisphere we are firmly in the dog-days of summer. And what goes better with a cold drink and a deck chair than a good book, right?


Liz: Reading is good any time of the year, but I love sitting on my deck, breeze blowing, book in hand. Right now I am taking a break from mystery (which might be a travesty in some eyes) and reading a biography by Stanley Weintraub about Queen Victoria called, oddly enough, Victoria. I’ve read it before, which drives my husband insane (why re-read a book?), but I needed a bit of a change and I love a good biography.

Kait: I’m mid-deep in Once Upon a Lie by Maggie Barbieri. Perfect summer reading. A funny murder mystery. Okay, so maybe murder shouldn’t be funny, but in this book, it’s all in the perspective. If you are looking for a light read with a dash of cupcakes and a side order of the Irish mob, this could be a book for you. It’s already one for me.

Keenan: I’m re-reading Benjamin Black’s A Death in Summer. Gorgeous writing; I’m just drinking up the words, highlighting and underlining my favorite selections. It’s my book. I get to mark it up.

Kimberly: I’m reading Emily Carpenter’s The Weight of Lies. It’s an intriguing premise. A twenty-something socialite travels to a remote Georgia island to research and write a tell-all about her mother, an author who wrote a 1970s bestseller about a sociopath little girl. It’s like two stories in one. I’m really enjoying it. Also, on deck: Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart, a YA novel I’m reviewing for Bookpage.

Sue:  I’m reading Fall of Giants, by Ken Follett.  This is the first of his Century trilogy, about the 20th century in Europe.  I love falling into big books, and this is wonderful!  But I’m also reading smaller books at the same time, just to let me think I can finish something, and that book is Maddie Day’s Flipped for Murder.  I’m a Hoosier from that neck of the woods, so feel right at home.

Fellow Mysteristas, what are you reading?


8 thoughts on “What we’re reading – summer style”

  1. Interesting that there’s some re-reading going on this summer. It’s a rare book that I will re-read. It has to be super dazzling.


  2. I agree with Ellen. WEIGHT OF LIES sounds ike a good read. I’m between books right now, but in the summer my favorite place to read is at night, with my Kindle, on the main deck with dim lights and a candle.


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