GRANTCHESTER_EPISODE2_02.JPGI, for one, am thrilled about the new season of Grantchester from our friends across the pond. I just want to take Sidney home, feed him a warm bowl of soup and wrap him up in a blanket.

And I want to slap Geordie around the head and shoulders with a wet dishtowel. An old, stinky dishtowel.

And sweet Leonard, another character I’d feed warm soup to and wrap up in a blanket. I want to keep him safe and tell him everything is going to be alright. I’d marry him and we could be lovely friends, going to bingo together, reading, going for walks.

Readers: who is your favorite Grantchester character?


15 thoughts on “Grantchester”

  1. Oh no, he is adorable – where do I find him? Never heard of Grantchester, but I may have to move.

    I’ve got Netflix, Amazon Prime (never used or figured out the streaming service -it’s on the to do list) and we just got what I call cable but is actually satellite TV service again after 5 years without—no premium channels – where do I go to find Grantchester and can I binge on Downton Abbey on any of those? Haven’t been able to find it yet.

    Kait, considering a move across the pond just for the TV!


  2. Kait, because it’s a PBS show, it should be on Amazon Streaming.

    I must admit, I got slightly annoyed at at the show in the very first season when they insisted on sexual tension between Sidney and his old flame, who is now engaged. I know he’s Anglican and allowed to marry but–engaged woman! Maybe I need to go back and rewatch, because he sure is easy to look at. 🙂


  3. I love Grantchester. Sidney is my favorite character. He’s a clergyman trying to fight his demons from WWII. I find him very compelling.


    1. Kait: I got prime because of the free shipping. Living in Alaska, I’ve saved a fortune. Or, rather, I spent the money I saved on shipping on stuff instead. Like books. Lots and lots of books.


  4. I’m happy to hear there’s a new season. I found this on Prime after streaming Downton for the second time. You know, in that ‘people who watched this also watched these’ section. I’ll be heading back to England after I finish restreaming Defiance and its new season.


  5. I love Sidney, of course. Who could be more cute or sweet? Mrs. Maguire, though, is turning into a more interesting character than I had anticipated and showing a lot of personal growth. I’ve tried the books and had a bit of trouble getting into them. I’m not giving up, yet, though!

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    1. Becky Ross Michael: I haven’t read the books. I’d never heard of this series. I figured because they were written 80 or so years ago, they probably would seem slow to me so I hadn’t looked at them.


  6. Although the books are set in the past, they are being written present day. The style and tone do go along with the setting, however, and could seem a bit slow for those more interested in fast-moving thrillers, or the like. The author has said that the book series is loosely based on his father!


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