Summer reading – whatcha got?

Happy Memorial Day! Okay, Memorial Day is over, but that means it’s kinda-sorta summer and that means…beach/vacation reads!


So Mysteristas, what are you reading this summer? Tell us in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Summer reading – whatcha got?”

  1. This summer, my mystery book club is reading Jacquelyn Winspear’s first Maisie Dobbs and then Ian Rankin’s Knotts & Crosses, so I will be diving into both of those series.


  2. Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winter and OMG! I’m a little more than half-way through it. Based on that, this book should be taught in literature classes. It is the Fahrenheit 451 of its generation.


  3. Great suggestions! I’m reading The Day I Died by Lori Rader-Day and City of Angels by our distinguished alum, Kristi Belcamino. 🙂


  4. Right now, Mean Streak by Sandra Brown, but on my TBR next up is The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve and then The Wives of Los Alamos by Tarashea Nesbit. I like to shake it up on the summer!


  5. Well, I have a lot of reading planned for the summer, since I’ll have a lot of time while traveling to assorted vacation spots (right now Ohio and Vegas, maybe NYC) and while “relaxing” on the beach watching kids build sand castles. I just hope that I finish it all. I just started “Coffin Road” by Peter May, and next up is “Into the Water” by Paula Hawkings, and then “Blood Truth” by Matt Coyle. My list includes new books by my favorite “go-to” authors, “The Silent Corner” by Dean Koontz, “The Late Show” by Michael Connelly, “The Switch” by Joseph Finder, “Cement Stilettos” by Diane Vallere, “Need You Dead” by Peter James, and “The Spy Across the Table” by Marry Lancet.

    Then, if I run out of things to read, I’ll just go to the library and pick a book at random from the mystery shelves. I have done that in the past while getting stacks of books to read on a car trip, and I actually found some tolerable and even interesting stories. The most unusual one I found, and I wish I could remember the name of the book, was about some murder at a fishing tournament and festival on Lake Erie. I could just smell the dead fish as I read.

    Liz, I am a multi book reader as well. I usually have one e-book, one “real” book, and one audio book going at a time because I read them at different times in different places. Becky, I met Jennifer Kinchloe at a book signing and I loved “The Secret Life of Anna Blanc.” Keenan, Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winter sounds interesting; I’ll look for that one; thanks for the tip.


  6. I just started Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache Series, which I imagine will keep me busy this summer! Ooh, Keenan, I’m curious about Underground Airlines… 3 no 7, I just saw Paula Hawkins had a new book out and can’t wait to dive in (pardon the water pun)! 🙂


  7. Kate, I found it on my library’s e-book site as “coming soon” and got on the waiting list. It’s out, but the waiting list ins LONG. I might have to just buy a copy instead of waiting since many of the books on my “to read” list are also new this summer.


  8. I’m a little more than half-way through Michael Connelly’s A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT. Next up is probably a book by one of my Sisters in Crime fellow authors, but I can’t decide which one!


  9. I have a follow-up to the summer reading question and a long-ago “New Year’s Resolution” question. After hearing how much work all you writers put into books, my New Year’s resolution this year was to post more reviews of the books I have read.

    I have been doing quite well with this, (Goodreads — AND more news, I finally got around to actually doing something with my WordPress blog, so now I will be posting reviews on my blog as well. I love your suggestions, and hope we all have a fun summer reading EVERYTHING.


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