Busted! Arresting Stories from the Beat


Busted!Busted! Arresting Stories from the Beat edited by Verena Rose, Harriett Sackler and Shawn Reilly Simmons was published in May of 2017 by Level Best Books.

It is an anthology of thirty-one short stories written about or by police. The first story, a psychological thriller entitled “Bygones” was written by Bruce Robert Coffin, a retired detective sergeant from Portland Main and author of the Detective Byron Mystery Series. The last story, “Bad Friday” was written by award-winning British writer Martin Edwards, who has authored mystery series and the acclaimed The Golden Age of Murder, and is so accomplished he has his own Wikipedia page.

Authors include Jack Bates, Micki Browning, Leone Ciporin, Bruce Robert Coffin, Randall DeWitt, Sharon Daynard, Peter DiChellis, Martin Edwards, Sanford Emerson, Tracy Falenwolfe, Kate Clark Flora, Gavin Keenan, CC Guthrie, LD Masterson, Steve Liskow, Cyndy Edwards Lively, Ruth McCarty, Alison McMahan, Claire A. Murray, Dale T. Phillips, AB Polomski, Keenan Powell, KM Rockwood, Verena Rose, Steve Roy, Harriette Sackler, Brenda Seabrooke, Shawn Reilly Simmons, Albert Tucher, Kari Wainwrigth and Vicki Weisfeld.

The stories run the gamut from period pieces including my “Cattle Raid of Adams” to female officers to modern-day issues of gang violence, homelessness, returning veterans to small-town cops, and animals.

Anthologies are a great way to spend a few minutes immersed in a story when you don’t want to commit to reading a full novel, and a great way to meet new authors. It’s perfect for carrying around in your bag for those periods of lounging in doctor’s offices, airports, in the plane, or by the pool or beach.

Pick up your copy of Busted! through Amazon.


18 thoughts on “Busted! Arresting Stories from the Beat”

  1. Thanks. I love anthologies because I can actually finish an entire story while I am waiting for — well you name it, picking someone up, seeing doctor, teacher, MASSAGE THERAPIST, and the list goes on.


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