We need YOU!

Yes, you dear readers.

In June, the Mysteristas are undertaking a serial story. Each day, a different Mysterista will write a chunk of story, building on what was written in previous days.

We expect much hilarity to ensue.

But here’s where we need YOU and your ideas. We need a prompt. A beginning. Something to kick off the party.

So tell us in the comments: What would you like to see us write about? A story about love? Betrayal? Espionage? Kittens? Ghosts? Cooking?

We’re dying* to know.

*Not literally dying – you know what we mean.


10 thoughts on “We need YOU!”

  1. A daughter sends her mother a Mother’s Day present. The following winter, the mother sends that very same present back to the daughter as her birthday gift, clearly not remembering who she got it from in the first place.
    Go! (Not that this happened to me. Nope.)


  2. Someone receives mail addressed to him/her but the inside it written to someone else perhaps someone she/he knows or a known or unknown person, famous or not. It contains a key or lock code with location as well as $5000 in cash.


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