Mystery Most Historical, Part Deux

mystery most historical cover

Today, I’m following up on Liz Milliron’s post, introducing authors included in Malice Domestic 12: Mystery Most Historical.

Charles Todd is the pen name of the writing partnership, Caroline and Charles Todd, a mother and son team who write two series, the Inspector Rutledge series and the Bess Crawford series. The Todds bring their love of England and the period to their stories.

Mark Thielman won the 9th Annual Black Orchid Novella Award with A Meter of Murder. A former prosecutor, his story The Measured Chest, is one of the twenty-nine stories in this anthology.

Kathryn O’Sullivan recently published the fourth in her Fire Chief Colleen McCabe series set in the Outer Banks village of Corolla, North Carolina. She won Malice Domestic’s Best First Traditional Mystery.

Martin Edwards is Malice Domestic’s British friend and will be honored as the Poirot Award at this year’s convention. In addition to writing many fiction and non-fiction works including the Lake District series and an award-winning non-fiction, The Golden Age of Murder, he is the president and archivist of the famed Detection Club, a group of mystery authors formed by Agatha Christie and her crime-writing friends.

Verena Rose, a member of the Dames of Detection the publishers of Level Best Books. She edits anthologies and her story, “Death on the Dueling Grounds”, appears in this anthology.

Su Kopil is a writer of short mysteries with offbeat characters with more than thirty published stories. Find her on Goodreads at: Su Kopil Goodreads page

Kathy Lynn Emerson writes under several different genres and several different names. As Kathy Lynn Emerson, she is best known for her historical mysteries including the Face Down Mystery series. She won an Agatha for her nonfiction How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries.

John Gregory Betancourt writes science fiction, fantasy and mystery as well as short stories. In 2007, he received the Black Orchid Novella Award for his novella Horse Pit.

Victoria Thompson, is a prolific writer of mystery and romance. She is currently writing the popular Gaslight Series set in 19th century New York City.

The award-winning Vivian Lawry is a writer of short fiction as well as mystery. Most of her work is set in the Chesapeake Bay.

K. B. Owen is the author of the Concordia Wells Mysteries set in 19th century Connecticut.

Yours Truly, Keenan Powell, is publishing her first story in this anthology, “Velvet Slippers”, which was inspired by a genealogy research trip to Adams, Massachusetts.

Everyone knows Edith Maxwell the very prolific writer of five series including the popular Quaker Midwife series.

Nancy Herriman writes romance and historical mysteries. Her current series of mysteries is set in old San Francisco.

Georgia Ruth has written short stories and a non-fiction book centering on North Carolina.

If you are at Malice, hunt down Liz and me and say hello. We will be on signing the anthology Friday night and speaking on the panel Small Stories in a Big World Saturday morning. The anthology will be available to purchase at Malice. You can also order Mystery Most Historical directly from Wildside Press.





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