Five Funnies, Off the Grid

When my last post went up, I was off the grid.  For five days, Hubby and I adventured in our narrowboat along English canals.  And what an adventure it was, put-putting along at 2 miles per hour!  We made 20 miles in the first 2 days.  It was like camping in a 30×6 foot trailer–exterior dimensions.  We’re not campers.  Nor are we sailors.  We’re not mechanically inclined, so you can imagine the laughs!  But we’re slowly getting the hang of it.  We didn’t stall out or hit anyone (well, not too hard).  We didn’t sink the boat.  Yay!

You see all kinds of boats along the canal, from shiny to rusty, from fancy cruisers to hard workers, from weekend pleasure to permanent homes.


1.  Gardens sprout in flower pots atop these boats.


2.  Car in a boat.  Has James Bond arrived?

Aside from the boats, there are also the most unexpected sights along the Cut:


3.  Gnomes hide in the trees, guarding the entrance to a secret channel.


4.  Gorilla hangs from an abandoned cement factory.


5.  But my favorite sight, which bedazzled me so much that I missed the photo op, happened as we squeezed our narrowboats into one lock.  Kayakers circled below the gates.  They were waiting for boats like ours to come through the locks, which would release water into the lower level of canal, giving them a brief minute or two of roiling water.  Was this a canal form of “white-water” rafting?

Somehow, all this–and more–will have to end up as research for a new mystery!


13 thoughts on “Five Funnies, Off the Grid”

  1. Nell can’t afford a vacation. I’m thinking new character, new series . Trying to figure out how to add that to my schedule.


  2. How fun, Sue!!! Love the gorilla, lol. I can picture this as a great setting for a mystery–can you imagine if there were a chase scene?! 😂


  3. HUMMMMM story ideas — did the gorilla die after it escaped from the zoo, perhaps by a roving gang of animal activists who release other animals who can’t survive on their own and die after attacking residents while the gang later murders the zoo keeper? replace the gorilla with a person! Body in the tree! car half in the water, half out AND dead body. The options are endless.


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