Laugh so you don’t cry

I’m relying on a lot of television for escapism lately. Jump on my Twitter feed and you’ll know instantly how I feel about our current political climate, our actual climate, and the refugee crisis. The mercury has shot way up on my depression thermometer. (I’m probably depressing you all now, aren’t I?) Anyway, I self-medicate with TV. As an author, I find television informs my art. It also makes me happy.

In no particular order, here’s Dr. Kim’s (I’m not a real doctor) television prescription for dealing with life’s downturns.

Comedy recommendations!

Schitt’s Creek (Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix): Created by eyebrow-goals Eugene Levy and his dapper, handsome son, Dan Levy, this Canadian import is about a wealthy family who loses everything when their tax accountant embezzles from them, and is forced to move to a rural town that they own called Schitt’s Creek. The episodes are 20-minutes long and super bingeable. My favorite character is David Rose, the stylish, somber son whose explanation of his pansexuality using wine as a metaphor is the best thing I’ve ever heard. This is a comedy about a tight-knit family coming together in a crisis.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW, Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix): Rachel Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch, a late 20-something Manhattan lawyer who chucks it all, and follows an old boyfriend to West Covina, California. Rebecca suffers from anxiety and depression, and her delusions are manifested in song! This show is so clever. Feminism, mental illness, cultural identity are all deftly explored. And it’s freaking funny. My favorite tunes in Season 1 are “Jap Battle Rap,” “Sexy Getting Ready Son,” and “I Could If I Wanted To.”


You’re the Worst (FX, Seasons 1-2 on Hulu): There’s something so compelling about watching two selfish, yet damaged, people fall in love in Los Angeles. Gretchen and Jimmy are the worst people and yet, you root for them anyway. Jimmy is a snarky Brit who’s also a novelist! My favorite line that he delivers is about scrambled eggs, “A dish so pedestrian, its name is the recipe.” And Gretchen is a messy, detached publicist who suffers from depression (props to the writers for portraying this so accurately). The ensemble cast makes the show. From Lindsay, Gretchen’s idiot best friend, to Edgar, Jimmy’s veteran roommate who suffers from PTSD to Sam, Gretchen’s client who delivers my other favorite line: “Garbage people do not get iphones” (or something to that effect). Watch it.

The League (Netflix, 7 seasons): If you had asked me if I would want to watch a comedy about fantasy football, I would’ve said, “hard pass” (sports pun!). But, this Seinfeld-esque ensemble show is so freaking funny that I watched seven seasons in about a month. My favorite character is Rodney Ruxin, mainly because he’s obnoxious. And a germophobe with a laundry list of killer catchphrases.

Okay, that’s my list. Take two shows and call me in the morning. What comedies do you recommend? I could use some new ones.

Author: Kimberly G. Giarratano

I'm a YA author. And mom of 3. I'm also tired. Very, very tired.

9 thoughts on “Laugh so you don’t cry”

  1. Ooh, I’m going to check these out! I’ve been re-watching New Girl on Netflix (during those middle of the night baby sessions) and am just so impressed with the writing–it’s hilarious!!


  2. Agree with all of those! And here is my list of “comfort shows.” Parks and Recreation got me through the worst of my surgery and recovery, Grace and Frankie, Arrested Development, Veep, Love (about two whiners you can’t believe you end up caring about). And stand-up. So much stand-up streams on Netflix. My go-tos include Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Eddie Izzard, and Ron White. They never fail to amuse me. (Louis CK has a brand new set streaming right now. It had us howling and gasping.)


  3. Thanks for reminding me that I need Netflix. BUT… Catastrophe is a great Amazon Original. And to LoML’s delight, the current political climate has pushed me to watching a lot of the Food Network. Well, to his delight except when we get the bill for the escargot trays (not to mention the escargot) and the grill/griddle combo and the well… you get my drift.


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