Funny Mysteries

Since we’re exploring the subject of humor and/or laughter this month, I thought I’d tell you something you probably already knew — I like reading funny mysteries. Heck, I like reading funny books, regardless of genre. Big surprise.

In mysteries, these usually show up as cozies, although a quick Google search shows Tim Dorsey as writing “crime capers” and Carl Hiaasen as “satirical fiction” so perhaps I need to expand my lexicon regarding genres. That’s a post for a different day, though.

I’ve been told people like the humor in my books, so I thought I’d do an experiment. I pasted the first chapter of my next book (which I think is fairly funny) into the website I Write Like.

And got Agatha Christie.

badge IWL Agatha Christie




Then I pasted the text from my blog post about getting ready for spinal surgery  and got Anne Rice.

Double hmm.

While that’s fun, if not a bit perplexing, this Literature Map can actually help you find authors similar to authors you already like, helping you discover someone new to read …

I typed in Agatha Christie …

Lit Map Christie


and Anne Rice …

Lit Map Rice

As you can see, I’m nowhere on their map. [Note to self: write more books.]

But look at all the cool authors who are!

And then I tried Janet Evanovich …

Lit Map Evanovich

and Tim Dorsey …

Lit Map Dorsey

Lots of my favorites are in those graphics. And some of my favorites aren’t even on the map yet, like Gretchen Archer (whose books are also listed as crime capers, I just noticed), Jess Lourey’s Murder by Month mysteries, and Jennifer Lancaster.

So, writers … who do you write like?

And readers … who are your favorite funny writers, mysteries or otherwise? And please don’t say me; you’ll just make me blush.

Author: Becky Clark

I write mysteries with humor and spend my free time attempting to rid my clothing of dog hair. FICTION CAN BE MURDER, the first in the Mystery Writer's Mystery series, was published in April 2018, and the next one, FOUL PLAY ON WORDS was published in April 2019. I'm working on another cozy series set in the world of crossword puzzles, and having too much fun learning to create my own puzzles!

11 thoughts on “Funny Mysteries”

  1. How very cool – I got Agatha Christie (if only). How interesting to see the graphics.

    Funny writer? Dave Barry jumps to mind. I never read anything of his without dying of laughter.


  2. This is so cool!! Hmmm, I got Agatha Christie too…do I sense a conspiracy?! Favorite funny writers: Sophie Kinsella (her standalone novels), Graeme Simsion (so many hilarious scenes in The Rosie Project), Maria Semple (her novels and her writing on Arrested Development), Alice Clayton (especially Wallbanger), and Liane Moriarty (love her darker sense of humor). I’m going to follow the comments throughout the day; can’t wait to add more humorous authors to my TBR list!


  3. Where do you find this stuff, Becky! I am so traveling over to the Who do I write like after I comment. This is very cool. By the way – I love your stuff and you DO make me laugh. So there – blush.


  4. Hmm. We’re all Agatha clones, eh? Did any of you put in blog posts or letters to the IRS or anything? If those come up Agatha Christie then I smell a rat!

    Liz … I agree. Dave Barry never fails to amuse me.
    Sue … I’m dying to know, did you get Agatha too?
    Kate … that’s an excellent list. Agree on Kinsella and Semple, but I’ve added the others to my list.
    Kait … thank you for taking my bait. (I don’t know why they say writers are needy.)
    Susan … is that who you write like? If so, very cool.
    Peg … paste in your grocery list and see who you get.


  5. Becky – Always – I know how we are – by the way, I write one series (Cozy) like the Dame and my other (more trad) like Anne Rice – does that mean we need vampires in Miami?????


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