Guest Post: June Shaw

First, congratulations Anne Marshall! Please email to claim your prize!

It’s Bonus week! Which means we get to meet a slew of great authors. First up, please welcome June Shaw…er, Sunny Taylor!

If Only I’d Known – by June Shaw

Actually, June wrote the novels, starting with A Fatal Romance, but I am the main character, and I tell what happened better than she does.

My name is Sunny Taylor. I am a middle-aged woman who’s rather tall, which helps with the Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya, and other southern dishes I cook and eat down here in our small south Louisiana town. Not so with my twin Eve Vaughn, who looks exactly like me except she works out a lot and watches her diet.

I need to admit another important way we are not the same is I am dyslexic. She is not. With most twins, both would bear that burden. When we were real young, I was disappointed when we discovered she would not do so.

If only I’d known back then how much she would help me weather discouraging attitudes from some classmates and teachers who only thought I wasn’t bright. Eve became my shoulder to cry on—except after I vowed to never cry again because I would never stop—after our older sister was murdered close to me. Eve became my support and still is now that we’ve opened our Twin Sisters Remodeling and Repair business. I have her check any paperwork I do, just in case. She reminds me that I am okay, just a little different.

If only I hadn’t been so insecure that I wouldn’t write the numbers for the new alarm system handsome Dave Price installed in her house, instead telling him I could remember those few numerals. And then another man came around with a gun….


June Shaw is an award-winning author of popular cozy mysteries. Her first book, Relative Danger, was nominated for the David award for Best Mystery of the Year. She represents Louisiana on the board of Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter and became the published author liaison for the Southern La. Chapter of Romance Writers of America.


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