Today is Perfect

“If only I’d known” is the topic for this month. Every Mysterista has posted something spot on. Here’s maybe a slightly different slant…

If only I’d known

how loved I would be for the last four decades by an amazing man, I wouldn’t have stewed and fretted and lost sleep over Steve Smith. Or Dennis Peacock. Or (OMG, I can’t remember his first name!). Did you spend hours and hours thinking about a love that really wasn’t?

If only I’d known

wisdom would come to me when I was ready to receive it, I wouldn’t have read any self-help books. They only served to frustrate me. Probably stunted my emotional growth in the bargain. Do you agree?

If only I’d known

I’d eventually find my passion, I wouldn’t have looked wistfully at the bright-eyed energy of others who seemed to be living out their dreams. For me, working a job and paying bills was satisfying on one end, but it put me in a full set of blinders on the other. When those blinders began to slip is when dissatisfaction slipped in. But that dissatisfaction provided my incentive to search. Know what I’m talking about?

So now, what I know is simply to trust. Don’t stew or fret. Don’t be frustrated or wistful. Walk without blinders and receive whatever appears. What I am to know will come to me when the time is right.

Today is perfect.

And truthfully, I don’t want to know what tomorrow brings. I’ll just trust it will be right for me, even if it presents a challenge.


It’s all better with friends.



Author: Peg Brantley

With the intent to lend her stories credibility, Peg is a graduate of the Aurora Citizens’ Police Academy, attended the Writers’ Police Academy conference, has interviewed crime scene investigators, FBI agents, human trafficking experts, obtained her Concealed Carry Permit, studied diverse topics from arson dogs to Santeria, and hunted down real life locations that show up in her stories.

11 thoughts on “Today is Perfect”

  1. Oh Peg, I want to cry. Yes, yes, YES! I wouldn’t have fretted that I never seemed to get “the guy” in high school, skipped the motivational books, and been more confident about what I was “meant” to do on this planet – write! I’m reading a book for Lent and today’s chapter talked about just this. Live now, be in the “now” and don’t worry so much about tomorrow. “Now” is just perfect!

    And yes – definitely better with friends!


  2. This. Exactly. This month’s theme could easily imply regrets. But that’s not it, because today is perfect! Thanks for that reminder, Peg.


  3. I so agree. I have “forced” myself not to worry so much about things that I really can’t control, and to spend more time on things that I can control. It has made my life much easier, and I don’t fall into the “3 no 7 times” trap nearly so much any more.


  4. 3 n0 7, my husband (who I refer to as LoML on Facebook) has come to the exact place as you. He asks himself if there’s anything he can do change or control something, and if there isn’t he does his level best to shrug it off and move on. He remains a thoughtful and involved person, but he’s able to put the offending piece in a separate box and put it on a shelf. I guess I didn’t realize “3 no 7 times” was a trap. Glad you’re not in it.


        1. There is also the corollary “How many times have you asked me that and how many times have I given you the same answer?”
          I think you get the picture. If only I had known …… it’s just once!


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