What We’re Reading


It’s winter – and depending where you are, winter either didn’t arrive, is beating you to a pulp, or is showing up with a blast of cold air and snow to remind you that spring does not technically arrive until the end of March.

Whichever it is, it’s a perfect time for a good book. So tell us, what are you reading?


21 thoughts on “What We’re Reading”

  1. I just finished RAVEN BL:ACK by Ann Cleeves. Next up is PAST CRIMES by Glen Erik Hamilton, which (I think) won the Anthony for Best Novel last year. Or maybe it was the second. I get confused easily. 🙂


  2. How did you like Raven Black? I’ve heard good things about it, and it’s on my TBR stack.

    Right now I’m reading a thriller, Blasphemy, by Douglas Preston, one of my favorites. I love the setting in his books. And I’m also reading (very slowly) the first of the Century trilogy by Ken Follett, Fall of Giants. It’s a lush, 1k words that I can sink into.


  3. I just finished a fun cozy called Decanting a Murder by Nadine Nettmann about a Sommelier turned sleuth in Napa Valley–definitely a fun way to escape the dreary days of winter! I’m also reading Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver for my book club; she’s one of my fave authors for her beautiful writing.


  4. I’m reading Hank Phillippi Ryan’s Say No More and listening to Once and Future King. After Hank’s book, I’m reading Charles Todd’s new Rutledge, Racing the Devil ( won the ARC from Goodreads and it just arrived.)


  5. I’m currently reading Strengths Based Leadership and The Extraordinary Coach, both for professional development. When it’s late, I’m catching up on a few series–next up: Cynthia Kuhn’s The Art of Vanishing! (WOOT!)


  6. Sue, it was good–but it reminded me that Brits and Americans typically approach pacing very differently. It was slow and I kept waiting for something to happen. Then bam! dead body, and I went back to waiting. But the writing and the imagery were so lush they carried me along until the plot kicked in.


  7. Last month I finished “Here Every Fear” by Peter Swanson, “Razor Girl” by Carl Hiaasen, and “Great Small Things” by Jodi Picoutt. I started reading “Digging Up The Dead” by Jill Amadio that I purchased a while ago but never read. I always enjoy reading books set in So Cal. I am going to Literary Orange featuring Marcia Clark and Fannie Flagg, so I went to the library and picked up “Blood Defense” and “The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion.”


  8. I’m reading Laura Lippmann’s Wilde Lake and rereading Nevada Barry trying to analyze how she does whatever it is that makes me enjoy them so. I know in broad terms but now I’m looking at structure and craft. I also reread “Amy Snow ” a new book that’s Great Expectations plus Jane Eyre -but in a more succinct style. About to reread Barbarian Nurseries by Hector Tobar for a reading group.


  9. Today I finished DARK MATTER: A Novel by Blake Crouch. I love his stories. Next up is either CHRISTINE FALLS: A Novel by Benjamin Black (a book I learned about on this blog) or IQ: A Novel by Joe Ide that I learned about on NPR but was also mentioned on this blog. Huh… I think my next one might be BLANK BLANK: A Novel by Peg Brantley.


  10. Liz, that’s an endorsement, I guess.
    Peg, I finished Dark Matter last month, and it kept me up way too late at night reading it.
    Reading about all these other books is making my TBR pile grow again. Thanks for some great suggestions!


  11. Ha ha ha, Michele… Just finished streaming Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle. Same weirdness.

    And as an update, I finally started IQ today and think I’m in love. Wahoo~


  12. What a great list of books I am adding to my TBR pile immediately. I’m reading A CAST OF CULTURES by Judith Flanders. I love this series about a book editor who also solves crimes…

    And thank you, Pamela!!! That was a nice surprise. Hope you enjoy (I always want to write “eek” after that because I’m nervous and hope it isn’t a disappointing read…I manage to refrain from doing that usually, but since it’s you, I’ll go ahead and say EEEK! *bites nails*). ❤


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