A Newborn Beginning

I had a post for this month all planned out. I was going to talk about plot structure, specifically at the beginning of novels, based on James Scott Bell’s book Plot & Structure. But before I got a chance to write said post, my daughter decided to make her debut a few weeks early.

Already a Bronco fan!

It was like any other Tuesday (isn’t that how the unexpected always starts?) when I started feeling…something at work and 20 hours later Sophie Raine arrived.

I’m already in love. She has my husband’s chin and my eyes, and she may be tiny, but golly she is fierce! She’s so strong and her sweet personality is just starting to shine through.

This is a new beginning for my husband and me, so really it’s very fitting for this month’s theme. Our lives will never be the same.

To tie it back to my original idea for this post, we’ve crossed the first threshold—through Doorway #1 as Bell calls it. We can never go back to how things were before, but why would we want to? Unlike our characters who are constantly tortured through our tales, Sophie’s arrival is a happy event and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next!


Author: Kate Lansing

I write mysteries, YA novels, and short fiction. I also read A LOT, travel as much as possible, and take way too many pictures of my cat.

14 thoughts on “A Newborn Beginning”

  1. Welcome to the world, Sophie! May she be a fan of mystery stories. Congratulations to your entire family, Kate. She is beautiful. Enjoy your new beginning!


  2. Thank you, ladies!!! Yes, Sue, hopefully she’ll be a mystery fan! Or at least a little book worm 🙂 My aunt gave me a couple adorable Jane Austen baby books that I cannot wait to read to her!!!


  3. Thank you, all!! Cynthia, we’re slowly starting to get into a groove with sleep (phew!), but those first couple nights were a little rough, lol! 🙂


  4. I’m so glad to hear that, Kate! I remember those days well…and the only thing that got me through the zombie-like days to follow was people saying “This won’t last forever.” Take it to heart… 🙂


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