What We’re Reading: Year in Review

8596143348_b40cf0f5d2_zAs 2016 draws to a close, bloggers and review sites everywhere are posting their “best of” lists. With that in mind, dear Mysteristas, what did you read this year that would make the top of your “best of” list?


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9 thoughts on “What We’re Reading: Year in Review”

  1. I read a really good YA mystery called The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti. It’s an incredibly relatable read. I loved it!


  2. Oh my. I scanned my Goodreads shelf to see what I read this year that really blew me away. I’ll list two (one a series, really). First, Rachel Howzell Hall’s Elouise Norton series. I’ve read the first, Land of Shadows, and the third, Trail of Echoes (I don’t know how I skipped the second, but I’ll get around to it). A completely different part of Los Angeles, written in a truly unique, gripping voice with a compelling heroine. Second, Hank Phillipi Ryan’s lates, Say No More. I kept hearing this was “the best Jane Ryland yet” and it really was. I kept wondering how Hank would possibly tie together all the story threads and she did.


  3. I’m updating my library reserve list as I read this! At the moment, I can’t even remember what I read that has already been published. It’s been a heavy manuscript year for me. I really liked A Study in Charlotte, a YA mystery where Sherlock is played by a teenage girl.


  4. Ooh, so fun to think back on the books I’ve read this year! Blood on the Tracks by Barbara Nickless was one of my fave mysteries this year–it was just so refreshing and unexpected, and I loved Clyde the canine sidekick! I also continued reading Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series which is always solid, and finally got around to reading Rebecca by the fabulous Daphne du Maurier!


  5. I like grit. Some of my favorites from this year’s reading include Mystic River by Dennis Lehane, IQ by Joe Ida (an African-American Sherlock-like protagonist in contemporary LA area)and December Boys (Noir, snow and New Hampshire) by Joe Clifford.


  6. Thanks, Keenan! IQ meandered in and out of my head and you’ve put it back in. That’s one I want to read. I recently finished Lisa Unger’s INK & BONE and I enjoyed it. THE LITIGATORS by John Grisham was good, and I enjoyed Michael Connelly’s THE CROSSING.


  7. I discovered two new to me writers that I just love, Laura DiSilverio and Julia Spenser Fleming. I am glad in a way that I came to both late because it means there are so many more of their books that I can buy/download right this minute! Hank’s book is on my TBR shelf, and I’ve got some Lehane there too.


  8. I read this post, and took the time to review my Goodreads account just to remind myself of everything I had read this past year. I have been trying to expand my reading choices little by little, but of course I always read new books by my favorite authors. This year that included new books from Jeff Parker, Michael Connelly, Linwood Barclay and Hank Phillippi Ryan, among others, but I also discovered “new” authors (just new to me) whom I added to my favorites list. Here are some examples:

    I read “The Ex” by Alafair Burke, and went on to read the series that she writes with Mary Higgins Clark. I attended a book signing by Duane Swierczynski, and after reading his current book “Revolver” went on to read “The Blond” which has the best first line ever (I poisoned your drink). I also heard Megan Abbott speak and read two of her books “You Will Know Me” and “Dare Me.” Oh how my perceptions of gymnastics and cheerleading have changed! I “found” many more great books while attending book signings, for example Alex Marwood’s “Darkest Secrets” and Allen Eskins “The Heavens May Fall.”

    I also met some great authors from right where I live in Sothern California whom I enjoyed reading for the first time (with many more times to come) including Tyler Dilts, Connie Dial, Nancy Cole Silverman and Rachel Howzell Hall, and many more. (It’s great to live in So. Cal. !!!)
    The list goes on, which is a good thing for me. I thank all of you authors who toil so diligently tying word after word together to provide exciting, entertaining, scary, and fun books for me to read.

    A big THANK YOU to Mysteristas, and here’s to a new year filled with reading and writing for everyone.


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