Yearly wrap-up routine

With December comes Christmas, and with Christmas comes the New Year’s Eve, the end of the year. Mysteristas, do you have an special routines for the end of the calendar year to send it off in style?

Also, congrats to Grace Koshida, who is taking home a bundle of Mysteristas books for Christmas!


6 thoughts on “Yearly wrap-up routine”

  1. On the writing front, I’m usually checking my list of goals to see what I accomplished, what’s left, and if there’s anything worthy of carrying over to the new year. I think I mentioned I didn’t do goals for 2016 and I feel it was a mistake. Now at the end of the year, I feel weird–like something is missing from the routine.

    On the personal front, I host Christmas. That means a lot of visitors to the house, so I lot of cleaning. Piles of stuff to go and where – trash or donations? It clears out the yearly clutter and I always feel better starting the year with a semi-clean and organized house.


  2. Like you, Mary, I take a look at my goals and assess where I am with them. I think I made a crazy goal for 2016 to write something like 200k words. I’m pretty sure I won’t make that, but I will see how close I come and what else I hit. Then I re-calibrate for the following year, based upon the lessons I take away. Will report in January.

    As for the clean and organized house–don’t I wish?!!


  3. When my kids were young, they were on a year-round school schedule which meant, for us, they were out of school from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until the first week in January. It was glorious and I loved it with all my heart. It meant nobody was sick for the holidays and we had leisurely amounts of time to do all things Christmas-related. To the mall mid-week to visit Santa without crowds. Lots of cookie baking with tiny, mostly unhelpful hands. No onslaught of evening holiday concerts every night in December. Like I said, glorious. It also meant I got my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, also glorious.

    Now, as empty nesters, we don’t do much for the holidays and have even been known to celebrate them in Manhattan or Santa Fe or at the movies. But one thing I still love is a blank calendar. In fact, yesterday I sharpened my pencil and filled in everything I already knew to put on there — our season theatre tickets, Sisters in Crime events, conferences I plan to attend, gardening reminders … everything.

    And then I turned to my writing calendar, which is actually calendar pages I print 2-up. I cross off days I won’t work (see above kitchen calendar) then pencil in my deadlines for everything — books, short stories, workshop proposals, blog posts. Every Sunday I’ll coordinate my kitchen calendar with my writing calendar and make sure I’m on track for the week, otherwise the planets might careen out of their orbit.

    Like I said, I love a new calendar.


  4. I don’t really have a routine, although the end of the year is a great time for reflection–to look at how far I’ve come in a given year and what I hope to accomplish in the upcoming one 🙂 And like Becky, I relish a fresh calendar!!!


  5. I always do the Write 50 Books a year group on Yahoo. I’m a spreadsheet junky and so are they. It helps me make plans for what I want do do in the year ahead and put the old year behind me. I also list out my goals in One Note. It’s about time to do that for 2017. SCREECH! 2017 how is that possible! Mysteristas – have a great holiday season! Big hugs all round.


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