Giving thanks for our readers!

Here at Mysteristas we want to take this opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving. One thing we are thankful for? All of you!


And to show our thanks, we are giving away a prize package to one lucky commentator. Just leave a comment below, telling us what YOU are grateful for, to win an ebook from each of the following Mysteristas:

Sam Bohrman – ebook copy of Ruby’s Misadventures with Reality
Peg Brantley – Kindle or print copy of Red Tide (print for US only)
Kait Carson – ebook copy of Zoned for Murder, Murder in the Multiples, Death by Blue Water, AND Death by Sunken Treasure (one each)
Kimberly Giarratano – ebook copy of Dead and Breakfast
Liz Milliron – ebook or print copy (print for US only) of Murder Most Scenic

So tell us – what are you saying thanks for this year?

Photo courtesy of Dutchbaby and used under Creative Commons license.


8 thoughts on “Giving thanks for our readers!”

  1. Since it looks like I’m the first here, I’m gonna lead with being thankful for Mysteristas, of course! And thankful to be part of such a terrific community of crime writers in general. We are all of us lucky in that regard. 🙂


  2. I’m grateful for my dog, my friends and family, my favorite authors, my health insurance, my clients, and my muse. Thanks to you all for your blog and the assistance you give to other authors. Happy holidays!


  3. I’m grateful for the roof over my head, for indoor plumbing, that I can dress myself, feed myself, bathe myself, that I have heat or air-conditioning when I need them. I’m grateful that the people with whom I spent Thanksgiving included two little children who brought joy to all of us.


  4. Grateful for everything, including all of you! (Not entering because I’ve already read all of your terrific books but wanted to come by and say this giveaway is so cool!)

    Hugs and happy holidays.


  5. I’m so thankful for this lovely group and the opportunity to blog with you, for the readers who read and comment and join us in our enjoyment of all things mystery, and for friends and family. XO Happy Holidays! (Not entering, of course.)


  6. I may be way too late for this contest. but just wanted to say that I am very grateful for having had today as my husband and my 53rd wedding anniversary I am grateful for each day that we have together and his helping me with all of my medical problems, and that we have two great kids and three grandkids all as a result of an amazing life together. I am also grateful for coffee, and thick steaks and phone calls from my daughter and pictures drawn by my five year old granddaughter Esme. I am grateful that Esme has come from China and can get good medical care for her very bad lung problem and growth in her lung too.
    I have so much to be grateful for, I need to write a book.. 🙂
    Thank you.
    Cynthia Blain


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