What Are You Reading?

Just a question today: what are you reading this summer?


18 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?”

  1. Currently reading John Lecroart’s The Fall. He writes as smooth as butter. Also dipping into occasionally Cre na Cille, reading both translations side by side, by Martin O’Cadhain. It’s the first Irish language literature to have been published. Hysterically funny in parts but you might have to be Irish to get it.

    For the study of our craft: Save the Cat by Blake Snyder (just finished) and about to re-read David Corbett’s Art of Character.

    On my phone, I’m listening to Rebus in reverse order, taking a break from Mrs. Dalloway during which time I listened to Boston Noir anthology (some very good stories!) and Screwed by Eoin Colfer and Plugged by Eoin Colfer. The latter two hystiercally funny again but you might have to be Irish. The narrator, John Keating, is one my favorites. He also appeared in the Belfast Noir anthology in a very funny story.

    I have cued up to listen to: All the Things You Are by Declan Hughes, Save the Cat Strikes Back by Blake Snyder and The Roman Hat Mystery by Ellery Queen. Got caught up on Tana French at beginning of summer so I’m poised for her next book to drop as well as Stuart Neville’s and Adrian McKinty’s.


  2. I recently finished PRETTY GIRLS by Karin Slaughter. It has quite a bit of violence in it but the story was compelling. A lot of people would stop at the first hint of torturing women. I’m a little surprised I didn’t.

    Now I’m reading COLD FEAR by Rick Mofina about a little girl who’s gone missing in the Montana mountains near the Canadian border. For some reason the FBI thinks the worst of the parents.

    Next up is a novel by a friend. It will be the first one of hers I’ve read and that really surprises me!

    Oh, I finished streaming Mr. Robot and now I’m streaming Humans. A little sic-fi in the morning when I put on my face feels quite simpatico.

    Hope you feel better soon, Cynthia!


  3. It has been a horrible reading summer for me! I’ve started a couple of books. So far, I feel like I’ve been hazed for a month, though.


  4. I’m reading The Graces, a YA book, for BookPage. I read and re-read the entire Raven Cycle quartet this summer.


  5. These sound great–thanks, everyone! I’ve been reading a variety of things: Murder in the Abstract by Susan Shea, A Bed of Scorpions by Judith Flanders, Jane Steele by Lyndsey Faye, the Eliza Doolittle mysteries by DE Ireland, and Death by Sunken Treasure by Kait Carson! Enjoyed them all.


  6. The mystery I’m currently reading is A Hovering of Vultures, by Robert Barnard. Someone asked here a little while back about male authors writing cozies, and I believe he’s an example.


  7. Ooh, fun question! I’m enjoying reading through the comments… Pretty Girls has been on my list for ages, definitely bumping it up now. I’ve been rereading one of my favorite YA fantasy series by Sarah J. Maas, but am thinking a mystery is up next, maybe continuing with Tana French’s series or diving into a cozy 🙂 Hope you feel better, Cynthia!


  8. Forgot to say I’m currently reading Julianne Holmes’ Just Killing Time. Next up for me is Luckiest Girl Alive–anyone read that one? ps: thanks for the get-well wishes too!


  9. While on vacation last week, I read Iain Reid’s I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS—and then a friend’s generous gift of the 1965 edition of Hammett’s Complete Novels ended up drawing me into THE THIN MAN again. No complaints there! Now I’m reading (finally!) GONE GIRL—possibly the last person on the planet to do so. Many other books on the horizon, and others I’m browsing through, including this year’s other Anthony and Macavity finalists, but that’s the immediate bookshelf.


    1. I haven’t seen it—though hard to avoid knowing something about the plot at this point, of course…. I’m teaching a “Women of Mystery” course in the fall, and I felt like I’d be derelict if I didn’t have this one read, even if I’m not teaching it!


  10. PRETTY GIRLS by Karin Slaughter has been on my “to read” list for a while. I read COP TOWN and BLINDSIGHTED so I am aware of the violence in her writing, but I have been hesitating just because of that. I will try to move it up on my schedule. I just finished ORPHAN X by Gregg Hurwitz and FAR FROM TRUE by Linwood Barclay. Now I am reading a book set in nearby Placentia, California A DEADLY UNION by Gayle Carline. I also read GONE GIRL but have yet to see the movie. I have on order the new book by Terrence McCauley A MURDER OF CROWS. It is a continuation of the characters in SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, so I will start it as soon as it arrives. I found a few more interesting books in those that you all are reading, so I have some nice options for “summer” reading.


    1. 3 no 7, I enjoy Gregg Hurwitz and Linwood Barclay. And you’re right Karin Slaughter doesn’t shy away from gruesome.

      Gayle is my buddy so if you should run into her (probably on a horse) tell her I said howdy. Ah heck, give her a hug.


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