Blossoms to Harvest

Blossoms in springtime—this spring, mind you—remind me of two things:

  1.  Flowering Cannabis

Say, what?

May flowers bring the launch of my third Nell Letterly mystery, and it sorta’ has to do with blossoms.  Flowering Cannabis brings Murder for a Cash Crop


When my home state legalized recreational marijuana a couple years ago, I just couldn’t resist.  (The topic, that is.  The topic.)  I knew I was going to have to spin a story around Colorado’s latest sport.  I didn’t want to go into the nitty gritty of the actual industry, as that could’ve turned out to be too dark of a story for Nell.  I wanted to keep it light.  I decided to focus on one of the consequences of having recreational marijuana come to Nell’s and my hometown.

I explored many ideas, and I was very tempted by the scientific research surrounding crop production.  There were so many ways that could go wrong!  And then I was tempted by some of the new spin-off industries, such as the couriers who transport cash from marijuana sales.  Or the new high-security vaults anyone can buy in order to secure the cash.  Or edibles shaped like brand-name candies.  Or the glass blowers who blow pipes.  So many possibilities…

I collected all of these ideas—and more—and filed them into my muse to mull over.  The story that Muse spit out some time later started with the next-door neighbor’s house on fire.  This was great, I thought.  I’d been wanting to write a mystery with a fire in it ever since our local Sisters in Crime chapter brought a firefighter to speak to us.  Nell and I started exploring and discovered all sorts of secrets in the house that burned down.  One thing led to another, and finally the book is out!

Here’s what one review from IndieReader has to say:

And here’s another, from Kirkus:

2.  What’s the second thing that blossoms in springtime remind me of?  Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my next grandbaby!  More about that next time.


11 thoughts on “Blossoms to Harvest”

  1. Ohmygosh! I can’t wait to read this! In my MARSHMALLOW MAYHEM I write about out-of-towners trying edibles for the first time. And, of course, that’s when they find the dead body. Like you, I heard funny and fascinating stories about the industry, so I’m glad you tackled it, too. Big congrats on the launch, Sue …hope it’s uber-successful!


  2. Congratulations, Sue! What a fabulous idea for a story. My neighbors grew marijuana after it was legalized and, oh boy, are those blooms smelly!


  3. Congratulations Sue, on the book birthday and the impending birth of your grand-baby. Both are events to be celebrated! What a fantastic, and timely, subject for a book. I can’t wait to see what Nell uncovers!


  4. Fabulous timing! I’m not going there now, but I might take a look at the darker side of Colorado’s new biz and cogitate on how to work that into a story.

    In the meantime, congratulations on Nell’s new book and your new addition!


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