The six year old in me is springing to the fore. Maybe it’s because it is spring, or maybe it’s because of the topic for the month. My first thought when I saw the May theme was blossom was the children’s joke. April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring?



Wait for it…





Ok, I have that out of my system. Now, back to the real world.

I could not imagine how to make “blossom” into a post about writing, much less writing mysteries. Then I watched a little YouTube. I had my answer. In writing, everything blossoms. The plot starts with a tight bud. Gradually, over a number of chapters, the petals open and reveal the story. Just as the rose knows to peel away one layer at a time, the writer uses each chapter to expose one small tidbit to the reader. The writer’s goal? By the time the book reaches the end the entire story will be in full flower.

Characters do the same, each unfolds a bit of her personality as the book arc moves through the early phases to the intensity and speed of the middle and then to the resolution. Story and character each unfolding or remaining tightly furled in counterpoint or compliment to the other and to other characters. Each character represents a different flower that comes to full bloom in its own time. Some fast, some with exquisite slowness, some in an intricacy that only nature can create. The most precious blooms living little more than a moment in time and teaching the greatest lessons while the showiest are often red herrings.

Look at me the peony screams in the garden. I am beautiful. I am huge. This is my story! Come a bit closer though. Find the wild rose covering the ground beneath the peony. Hardy and capable, the delicate looking wild rose overlooked by most is the survivor in the garden of life. Neither high winds nor salt spray bothers it. Instead, it preservers until the end of season while the rest of the garden loses color and vigor. The little wild rose stays strong and vigorous adapting and changing until it finds the ultimate answer.

Blossoms. The perfect writer’s metaphor.


Author: kaitcarson

I write mysteries set in South Florida. The Hayden Kent series is set in the Florida Keys. Hayden is a SCUBA diving paralegal who keeps finding bodies. Underwater, no one can hear you scream! Catherine Swope is a Miami Realtor with a penchant for finding bodies in the darndest places. I live in an airpark in Fort Denaud, FL with my husband, five cats, and a flock of conures. And oh yes, a Piper Cherokee 6 in the hangar!

14 thoughts on “Blossom”

  1. I find my writing starts off in winter — bare, skeletal and then blossoms into spring in revision. Great post!


  2. So much to love about this post! Thank you for sharing this. Loved the peony description, as well as the comparison to red herrings, etc.

    Yay, Mary for having a blossoming moment, and to Keenan, too! Kimberly, I am so with you. I wish I had some sort of talent in the area of visual arts right now; Kait’s post and Kimberly’s column are creating lovely pictures in my head.


  3. Hi all, thanks! Keenan, glad I could be of help! Oh, I envy you doing yoga. I always feel like all angles and corners when I try. No nearby classes or I would attend.

    Kimberly, GREAT analogy. Writing can be that way. I love the bare branches of winter!

    Pamela, thank you! I love peonies they are my favorite flower, but they are show stealers!

    Becky – me too!


  4. Great post, Kait! Love your metaphors. Your screaming peony made me think of the flowers from Alice in Wonderland 🙂


  5. AH, yes, the blossoms. I like to read about the “buds” opening and becoming beautiful blossoms BUT lurking there, just out of sight but well within reach are the THORNS. Beware of the lovely blossoms, they are not without pitfalls.


  6. Hi 3 no 7 – your mention of thorns brought The Little Prince to mind. That great showy peony is going to be covered with ants too. The first year I grew them, I quickly discovered you can’t bring them in the house!

    Hi Cynthia – Thank you!


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