Bookish Sidekicks

We’ve talked a lot this month about fictional sidekicks, but what about real, live ones for writers and readers?  It takes sidekicks to help us along the journey to a good book.  Here are ten examples that we book lovers can’t live without:

  1. Friends and Family—They give us our first tags when they say, “You’re such a bookworm!”
  2. Furry and feathered pals—They curl up on our laps or at our feet or perch on our shoulders, and they are delighted to hold us captive while we read (or write).
  3. Co-workers—It doesn’t take long for them to learn not to interrupt us—and thwart those who try—when we’re reading (or writing) on lunch break.
  4. Neighbors—They pass books around the neighborhood, like…well, sort of like a game of “musical books.”
  5. Book clubs—Their members introduce us to countless new authors.  As a bonus, they will give us insights into the book issues we can’t fully appreciate without further discussion.
  6. Teachers—They help writers hone their craft to build more entertaining stories for readers.
  7. Critique groups—They make writers dig deeper, and they point out inconsistencies.  With their help, they pre-empt those embarrassing problems that could allow readers to lose confidence in writers.
  8. Editors—They take the book to its next level.  Period.
  9. Production support—They turn our dreams into a physical medium.
  10. Booksellers—They are the Book Gods’ right hand.  They are the quintessential link between writer and reader.

Yay for bookish sidekicks!  Without them, we wouldn’t have many of the books we love.  Who are your favorites?


11 thoughts on “Bookish Sidekicks”

  1. Do I have to pick just one? True that my co-workers have learned to leave me alone between the hours of 12 and 1. But I don’t think I could do anything without my critique group! Or at least not do it very well.


  2. Well, speaking of learning…I have learned so much from my mystery book club. They are serious mystery fans, not writers, and they know exactly what they like and dislike about their mysteries!


  3. Great post, Sue! Those are all wonderful sidekicks. I almost feel like my Kindle is a sidekick too with how many books it allows me to read, especially on vacations! And a mystery focused book club sounds awesome; I’d love to be a fly on the wall for those discussions!


  4. What a wonderful list. I LOVE my book clubs, and I love that I have the time to read most of their “monthly selections.” I read books from my book clubs because they (almost) always pick books I would NEVER have picked on my own, especially the book club at the library!

    I find most of my favorite books from my local book seller because that’s where I go to hear all you wonderful authors talking about your books. I do find books on my own (remember, I first see covers, titles, and back cover quotes) but most of my books come from hearing you all speak, so please go to book stores to meet all us readers.


  5. Kate, you are welcome to join our book club any time. ‘Course, we meet in Boulder…

    Katherine, there’s something therapeutic about deep purrs!

    3 no 7, I really miss our local book seller who used to bring all those authors to our town, too. They provide a great service as well as selling books!

    Kait, oh yes, libraries! Absolutely!


  6. Great post, Sue! I’d add readers. As a writer they are often my biggest encouragers.

    Book clubs, online and face-to-face are invaluable when I want to try and guage why something works in a story and something else doesn’t. The opinions of a wide range of readers can shed light on things we’re (blissfully) ignorant of in our writing caves.


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