You be Batman, I’ll be Robin

This month’s theme is sidekicks. Batman and Robin, Sky King and Penny, Holmes and Watson, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Thelma and Louise, OK, that ended badly, but you get the picture. Sidekicks, the unsung hero of the writing world. Sometimes the conscious of main character, sometimes the grit in the oyster trying to make the pearl, often the pearl. Wait, did I admit that?

My books have sidekicks. Mallory Corbett serves the role for Hayden Kent. Mike Reardon for Catherine Swope. Mike’s also an antagonist (and that’s a different blog) so Catherine has two sidekicks, Nancy Hayden is Catherine’s best friend and partner in crime.  Those are literary sidekicks. There are other kinds of sidekicks in the writer’s world. We call ‘em blog mates.Friend in jail

My Mysteristas family is always there to support me. To ask the hard questions and to contribute thoughts and ideas to my blog posts. There’s a wealth of writing experience in this group, and I take full advantage of it. I cherish each and every one of you and I know that when I’m stuck, an e-mail to a sister Mysterista will give me a new perspective and insight.

I also blog at Writer’s Who Kill. The WWK approach and content is different. We have a peer review of all our blogs. Not everyone participates in reviewing each blog every time, but over the course of a month, we all review and comment. Blog posts there are more free form. They can be anything from book reviews, to interviews, to guest posts. Sometimes the posts deal with the craft of writing, sometimes current events, sometimes life events. This week, we are saying goodbye to a member, Sam Morton, who passed away on Friday. Sam was a wonderful writer and a good e-friend. He will be missed. Again, the WWK bloggers are there to cheer each other on, celebrate the victories and commiserate in the inevitable rejections. Because we e-mail each other so often with blog posts, running correspondences develop that are fun and reminiscent of the days of letter writing.

I’m currently involved in another blog as a founding member. Motive Means Opportunity was the brainchild of Max Eberhart and E. Michael Helms. This is a blog where mystery writers talk shop. It’s new and exciting. We are actively seeking guest bloggers and writers to interview. The blogs aren’t limited to craft, but cover the entire gamut of what mystery writers do and how it’s done. If you would like to participate…let me know, we’d love to have you. The air is a bit grittier on MMO, but we are not closing the door on any form of the mystery genre. I’m finding I love having two wonderful male writers as sidekicks on this blog. I’m a fan of both writers, and the male perspective definitely has a harder edge, even when served with a sidecar of humor.

The last blog I participate in is Club Hen House. It’s a place where writers talk about writing and share our lives with readers. As the name suggests, the blog is sponsored by Henery Press so you’ll meet a lot of Henery authors there, and you’ll get to know a good bit about other writers too. Henery is a unique press. Camaraderie is encouraged. There are lots of Henery author events sponsored by the press and the authors have become a group of tight knit friends. Off blog, we offer each other encouragement, share what works for us in marketing, and generally try helping each other out. It’s like belonging to a really fun sorority (but definitely not limited to the fairer sex) and in the crazy world of publishing, it offer its writers a safe haven.

These blog members are my sidekicks. My brothers and sisters in crime. I couldn’t do this without them. If I ever need bail money…these are the folks who will be sitting beside me. Hope they have a big jail cell!

You can e-mail Kait Carson at or visit my author page on Facebook.


Author: kaitcarson

I write mysteries set in South Florida. The Hayden Kent series is set in the Florida Keys. Hayden is a SCUBA diving paralegal who keeps finding bodies. Underwater, no one can hear you scream! Catherine Swope is a Miami Realtor with a penchant for finding bodies in the darndest places. I live in an airpark in Fort Denaud, FL with my husband, five cats, and a flock of conures. And oh yes, a Piper Cherokee 6 in the hangar!

10 thoughts on “You be Batman, I’ll be Robin”

  1. Very interesting, Kait. Being a newbie to blogging, I hadn’t thought of blog-mates as sidekicks, but you’re right! In fact, the entire mystery community is so supportive, that we’re all everyone else’s sidekick–writers and readers.

    And, Happy Book Birthday, Cynthia!


  2. Hi all, it’s the feeling of camaraderie that is so appealing about writers. I read on another blog today that writers assume they will pay it forward. That’s so true. I have never met a more generous group of individuals than writers. Ask a question, get an answer, and a good one! We are all sidekicks, and our readers are right there beside us.


  3. Awesome post, Kait! I LOVE the idea that we are all sidekicks. I feel so honored and lucky to be in a community with all you wonderful ladies!

    Happy book birthday, Cynthia!!! So exciting! 🙂


  4. Did you have lunch with your husband, Kimberly? Mine spent the day working on my webpage! Another good sidekick to have around.

    Kate, thank you! I’m thinking I’m gonna need a big jail cell! It is an honor to belong to this community.


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