Need a Word For That

Here are a few situations I could use new words for. You know, as a writer. Not that I’m confessing anything…

  • The inability to do something despite writing it in your to-do list every day for an entire month.
  • The realization that you just performed an action in a manner exactly like your mother/father used to do.
  • The listing of everyone in your family–including the dog–before landing on the name of the person to whom you are actually speaking.
  • The curious time span between the opening chords of a beloved song you haven’t heard in awhile and the slow recognition of what the song actually is.
  • The irritating thing underneath your foot that you never can identify, despite removing and searching your sock and shoe twenty times.
  • The rushing back of memory just at the instant of triumphant location of an item in a hard-to-find place (where you put it for safekeeping but then forgot where that place was).

10 thoughts on “Need a Word For That”

  1. The third thing on the list is so true! There were four of us growing up and we’d just wait patiently for Mom to finish going through the list of kids, finally ending with “Oh you – get over here!” As Ellen said, when you come up with these words let me know.


  2. Number 2 is so true. There does need to be a word for that. Oh, that thing in the shoe—girf. Credit goes to my first husband. And #1 – in my case, usually procrastination. But here’s a solution. Put something on your to do list that you have accomplished right above that pesky item. Then cross of what you did. For some reason, the flow carries over to the pesky item and you get it done! Credit hard earned experience for that one!


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