Pre-Order Anticipation

Many of us have that beloved–intimidating?–TBR (To Be Read) pile. It towers, perhaps beside your bed or favorite reading chair. It looms, every time you walk past it; you’re aware of your intention to be responsible and finish your chores before rewarding yourself with a nice sit-down, as boring as that may be. As I walk by mine (near my bed, and it’s not one pile, but more like four), I’m filled with anticipation, excitement, and a certain amount of annoyance that I can’t simply sit and read the whole darn thing before the world intrudes again. I adore my TBR pile. Right now, the pile is mostly populated with books I purchased at conferences, so the books are filled with autographs and many kind notes from the authors, which makes the books that much more special to me.

There’s something I enjoy even more. (Really!) It’s when a book I pre-ordered arrives. I only pre-order from my Kindle app, mostly because it’s so darn easy. Part of what’s fun about placing orders this way is that I also tend to forget I’ve done it. One day, I’ll treat myself to some reading time on my tablet, open up the Kindle app, and SURPRISE! There’s a new book! One I’d completely forgotten was coming, and it’s just there, without me doing a thing. It’s like getting a present, every time.

I love it.

Pre-orders are a wonderful thing for authors, too. In this oh-so-competitive publishing environment, every sale is critical to the continued publication of your favorite author’s books. Want your favorite series to continue? Buy the books. Want your favorite author to write a new book? Make sure you’ve ordered the first one or two or five. Increasingly, publishers aren’t even waiting for a book to be published before making decisions about a writer’s future; they start making decisions based on pre-orders. This is a challenge for readers, because pre-orders often mean hardback prices, which our budgets may not allow. But this isn’t always the case, thankfully.  Whenever possible, I pre-order books from my fave authors; it’s my way of showing support and encouragement, and while it’s a little self-serving, too (books!), I think this is one time where being a little selfish actually isn’t selfish at all.

I wonder what books might be arriving this week? Gotta go–time to check the Kindle!


Author: Pamela A. Oberg

Pamela is a portfolio manager at an educational assessment company by day, writer by night. Founder of Writers on Words (a discussion and critique group), Pamela enjoys spinning tales of murder and mayhem, with an occasional foray into the world of the paranormal.

8 thoughts on “Pre-Order Anticipation”

  1. I have a TBR pile in my bedroom that is probably about twelve books deep. These are the books I really, really want to get to. I also have a TBR bookcase in our reading room that is full off books I really want to get to. And then there’s my Kindle. Oy.

    Your comments about pre-ordering are perfect, and because you can pre-order in different formats, not always a budget-buster.

    And I’m with you regarding holidays and schedules. So glad to be back in some kind of routine!


  2. Fun post, Pamela! My TBR pile is huge too, and I just keep adding to it! 🙂 I LOVE pre-ordering books and, like you, I tend to forget that I’ve ordered them so get a wonderful surprise when they pop up on my Kindle!


  3. I finally thinned my book pile (seriously, I’d run out of room) so the TBR pile is somewhat manageable. I suspect that won’t last long. I always intend to pre-order books and then I never get around to doing so.


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