Guest Post: Cathy Perkins

Gracious Gathering

The Mysteristas graciously allowed me to visit when I was a debut author and they’re still as gracious now as I release my fourth book, So About the Money. One of the many things I like So-About-the-Money-2-200x300about the blog is the monthly theme. I’ve especially enjoyed reading this month’s posts—so many different perspectives on gatherings!

As the holiday season rolls into high gear, rather than gathering with my family or writing buddies, this week I’m gathering with my day job peers. I’m stuck in an Orlando conference center, spying an occasional palm tree through the window, and trying not to find the Christmas carols, oversized gingerbread houses and 80 degree weather too weird.

Between the day job, building a house, dealing with the flood, keeping an eye on my new release–and oh yes! the holidays—writing time has evaporated. Instead of becoming frustrated, I’ve decided to consider it a chance to gather my thoughts. To allow the plot points to simmer. To let the characters nag at me to tell their story.

Strange as it may seem, I’m looking forward to the six hour flight back to Washington state when this conference ends. Six hours without email or a ringing phone. Sounds like writing heaven to me.

What about you, my writing friends? Are you finding time to write? (Do share how you manage that!)

My reading friends? Is curling up with a book a respite or a vision as fleeting as a sugar plum fairy?


An award-winning author, Cathy Perkins works in the financial industry, where she’s observed the hide-in-plain-sight skills employed by her villains. She writes predominantly financial-based mysteries but enjoys exploring the relationship aspect of her characters’ lives. A member of Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of America (Kiss of Death chapter) and International Thriller Writers, she is a contributing editor for The Big Thrill, and handles the blog and social media for the ITW Debut Authors.

When not writing, she can be found doing battle with the beavers over the pond height or setting off on another travel adventure. Born and raised in South Carolina, the setting for CYPHER, HONOR CODE and THE PROFESSOR, she now lives in Washington with her husband, children, several dogs and the resident deer herd.

Twitter: @cperkinswrites
Amazon Author page:

So About the Money
When Holly Price trips over a friend’s dead body, her life takes a nosedive into a world of intrigue and danger. With an infinitely sexy cop—Holly’s pissed-off, jilted ex-fiancé—threatening to arrest her for the murder, the intrepid accountant must protect her future, her business…and her heart…by using her investigative skills to follow the money, before the killer decides CPA stands for Certified Pain in the Ass…and the next dead body is Holly’s.


16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Cathy Perkins”

  1. Welcome, Cathy! I’ve got a day job too, but I try to protect my “sacred writing hour,” my lunch time. That’s where most of the writing gets done. Fortunately, my co-workers all know this so they leave me alone (mostly).


  2. Wonderful post, Cathy! I’m managing to squeeze writing time in while I have coffee early in the morning, although my reading time is definitely as fleeting as the sugar plum fairy (love the way you phrased that!). Your book sounds so fun–I’ve added it to my TBR list!


  3. @Mary & Kate – that’s great you’ve been able to keep your writing time “sacred.” It’s far too easy to let other things overwhelm it.


  4. Thanks @Kristina – I was really happy with the cover. So many of the younger manager at our conference wore 3, 4, or 5 inch heels. I watched in awe! 😳 I would fall on my face!


  5. I’m one of the “readers” so I “schedule” reading time between trips to assorted holiday activities and shopping in addition to my morning wake-up coffee and reading. I now only carry (or buy) purses that can accommodate my Kindle or a book. That way I can read while I wait. (I have 3, no 7 trips to make today.) Once I tried this, I was ASTONISHED at how much time I actually spent waiting (and wasting time) . Now, I have something to read with me at all times, and I get a fantastic number of books read. I love it.


  6. I love enforced solitude! Some of my best writing has happened on planes, and even when I can’t write (usually when the person next to me is reading my screen), just the idea of being “unplugged” and letting my mind wander is wonderful.


  7. @3 no 7 Whoa – that’s a lot of trips!
    But Yes! I carry a Kindle as well – standing in line at the DMV, waiting at the doctors office – there’s always a choice of reading material. Of course, I’ve been known to whip out a pad of paper and scribble down a scene idea during that time. 😉


  8. @Diane – I accidentally solved the “nosy neighbor reading as I typed” issue (talk about a creativity killer). I had pages of notes and scenes on paper. We’re talking really rough drafts here and I didn’t want my seatmate reading them.
    The combination of Nosy Joe and no place to put my pages inspired me to fold the paper and prop it in front of the screen. Voila! Screen covered; no one can read my handwriting (even me at times!); scene typed in and I could clean up any typos later.


  9. No time to read. No time to write. Cooking, wrapping, decorating, cooking, and remembering, smiling, weeping. Christmas is just that time of year. The nice thing is I don’t get as tired as I did back when, but neither do I accomplish as much. Age has its benefits. Children and grandchildren show up to take up the slack. Wonderful people, those. Wonderful days, these.


  10. Cathy, good to see you here! Between cooking and wrapping and everything Sharon mentioned, I’d be SOL. But right now I’m doing a beta read for a friend, and researching for my next story—which I plan to begin after the first. Good timing, wouldn’t you say?


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