Quintessential Community

Holidays mean family time, and I have been counting down the days.  Now the feasting season is nearly upon us!  I can’t wait, because family is my most basic community.

I count my best friends as part of my extended family.  In today’s mobile world, family is far-flung, and we can’t always be together.  (Besides, we’re fiction writers; we can make up our worlds the way we want, right?)

Dear Hubby and I are sharing Thanksgiving with our best friends this year, so I have been thinking about 5 of my top reasons why my community of F&F (family and friends) is most quintessential:

5.  F&F cheerfully clean grease from the ceiling when the bird spatters grease coming out of the oven only an hour or two late.

4.  F&F welcome you in the middle of the night when you’re evacuated from your house on account of a fire in the neighborhood.

3.  F&F take you to the emergency room when Dear Hubby is out of town.

2.  F&F understand why you dream your impossible dreams—and they encourage you to fulfill them.


1.  F&F even think that your first book is brilliant!

On behalf of the Mysteristas, I wish everyone peaceful travels and Happy Thanksgiving!  May your feast day of giving thanks be filled with loving family and friends wherever and whenever such equivalent is celebrated.


11 thoughts on “Quintessential Community”

  1. #6 When they get to your house, they pretend not to notice the carpet of dog hair on the hardwood. And when they leave, they don’t berate you for how much dog hair is on their clothing. Well, not too loudly anyway.

    Thanks for the reminder, since my kids are far-flung, that family is whoever you choose!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, back atcha!

    And I love #6, Becky! I was going to mention that they just take their allergy pills before coming over to my pet-fur infested house.


  3. Regarding Becky’s #6: LoML and I returned home last night from some F&F’s of ours. I simply stripped in the laundry room before the dog hair engaged other objects in our home.

    I hope everyone had a special Thanksgiving!


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