Community Vignette #286_d

Confession:  I made up that number.  Actually, there are many more vignettes about the writing community than just 286.

Seriously, though…  I could go on and on with stories to illustrate how supportive the writing community is (to answer Kait’s question from last week!)  Here’s just one:

It started at a [nameless] writer’s conference.

I was thrilled because I had an appointment to pitch a [nameless] agent.  This person wasn’t just an agent.  This person was an A-rated New York agent, whose client list included bestsellers.  And I had scored ten minutes of this person’s time!

Agent:  “What makes you think that anyone in New York would be interested in anything a middle-aged housewife has to say?”

Me:  “Um…er…ah…arghhh!”

Right.  Nothing I said made sense.  I had no response for this person, who hadn’t even asked what was the title of my book.  Clearly, this person was not the right agent for me.  I blathered about something for a couple minutes, mumbled some excuse, and stumbled out of the pitch room.

I’m sure my face was pasty white.  Wishing that a hole would open up in the floor and swallow me, I staggered out into the hall.  A [nameless] best-selling author whom I know—thanks to my terrific, local writing community—happened to be passing by at that moment.

B-S Author:  “Sue!  Good to see you again!  How are you?”

Me:  “Um…er…ah…arghhh!”

B-S Author:  “Come with me.  I want you to tell me every word that happened.”

B-S Author, who had been on the way to an important meeting, grabbed me by the arm and steered me to a couch in a quiet corner.  I sobbed out my story as best-selling author’s eyes turned to little burning nuggets of coal.  B-S Author promised to get to the bottom of the scandalous behavior of [nameless] agent, but that didn’t matter anymore.  B-S Author had taken the time to help me, and then on top of that, told me a personal story where B-S Author had also suffered uncalled-for humiliation on the road to best-sellerdom.  I’d had no idea that something similar could’ve happened to that successful author.

Did B-S Author have to stop and soothe my soul?  No.  But the writing community is that way.  We all take on the struggles of our sisters and brothers.  Our journeys may take us down different paths, but we all face the same pitfalls and help each other past them.  Hurray for our community!


8 thoughts on “Community Vignette #286_d”

  1. I want to high five and cheer! Way to go, and good for you too. It had to be hard to sit there for the full 10 and you handled it with style and grace. Kudos to the B-S author, Writers are amazing.


  2. Indeed, Kait, writers are amazing. That was the only time I ducked out of a pitch early.

    Right, Mary! It was a lame brush-off the agent gave me. Writers are the real winners!


  3. I’m so sorry that happened to you! No one deserves that–my eyes are coals right now too and aimed at that nameless agent!

    (Not to mention that whoever that agent was must have missed the WILD popularity of Desperate Housewives, The Real Housewives of Everywhere, etc.)


  4. So true, Diane, and thanks! I can’t even remember what the story was that I was pitching.

    It was that agent’s loss, Cynthia. Thanks for writerly support!


  5. You bet, Sam. Personally, I think that agent was not interested in acquiring any new clients and had only come to the con because the setting was so beautiful. Ticking off the pitchers was one way to get through the appointments quickly! It’s good to know which agents are not right for you.


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