Labor Day: A Writer’s Work is Never Done

Good Labor Day morning, lovelies!

I’m off from my day job as are many in the U.S. today, but the writer part of me is most definitely working her little butt off on this extra day at home.

My plans: revision, editing for a client and, well, this blog. Which I guess counts as networking and marketing, but it mostly just a bunch of fun. *High fives*

And though your plans might be different, I figured I’d use this space today to find out how you’re using your “extra” day for your writing career?

Are you writing? Revising? Editing? Reading? Or maybe actually relaxing, which counts toward recharging those creative juices, no?

Whatcha up to, lovelies?


13 thoughts on “Labor Day: A Writer’s Work is Never Done”

  1. Ah, luxuriating in the extra day and wishing I could figure out how to do a four day work week on a regular basis! Today I’m catching up on social media and writing some blog posts and maybe, if I have time, a short story or two!


  2. Line editing, which honestly I find more difficult that pouring the first draft out. I haven’t mastered “alla prima” writing, the first layer is merely blocking in the colors. Its the second, third, fourth layers that develop the depth and bring out the composition. And then a bike ride!


  3. Researching fascinating stuff for a new story… I need to remind myself to stop researching and start writing before the barbecue begins!


  4. Was updating the romantic suspense serial novel running on my blog (adding “Read next episode” links because it never occurred to me that someone might want to read the NEXT chapter. Duh) but my website has stopped loading. Surfing for good vibes from fellow mystery mavens before overdosing on coffee and having a meltdown.


  5. Great to hear there are so many busy bees out there! I’m taking a brain break from this client edit at the moment. Then right back at it. I want to have it back to her tomorrow!


  6. Sadly, no writing here. Munchkin was getting ready for her first day back to school, and we were catching up on all the chores that haven’t been getting done lately. Did fit in a bit of reading though, late in the evening (when writing is no longer an option for the tired brain). Sounds like everyone was busy!


  7. My kids started school yesterday as well. I actually took all of Labor Day weekend and didn’t do any writing. I’m thinking I should do that more often. It was probably good for creativity, not to mention more family time.


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