Guest Post: Eva Gates

Rebel (?)

There are all sorts of rebels, I guess. Some are bigger than others, and some have a far larger impact on the world than others, but it takes a certain amount of courage for anyone to rebel booked for trouble - 1against expectations. You don’t have to lead countries in revolution, or defy the established church or government. Sometimes defying your families expectations can be enough.

Which is what my character, Lucy Richardson, has done in the Lighthouse Library mysteries.

I appreciate the opportunity to guest blog at Mysteristas this month when the theme is rebels. Because we do tend to overlook look the small things in life sometimes, when we talk about rebels and courage.

Lucy was born into a family that had expectations for her, and it was always assumed that she’d marry the son of her father’s law partner. But that wasn’t the life Lucy wanted, and first she defied her family by getting a master’s degree in library science and then a job as a librarian. Not exactly a rebellious act, you might think, but for her it was.

Then she went one step further and decided not to marry the man she was expected to marry after all. She left him on bended knee, quit her job and fled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Now she’s working in the Bodie Island Lighthouse library, and loving it. And letting her inner rebel out on occasion.

At the lights at Whalebone Junction, a car pulled up beside me. Two young men whistled and waved and gave me thumbs up gestures. I grinned at them, assuming they were referring to the car, not to me. When the light changed I pulled away in an impressive display of horsepower.

Not your mother’s librarian.

from Booked for Trouble by Eva Gates

But, in fiction as in real life there are often forces trying to get the rebel to fall back into line. In Booked for Trouble, the newest book in the series, Lucy’s mother arrives in town. And she’s determined to get Lucy to come back to Boston with her.

As Sam mentioned earlier in the week, in cozies the rebellion has to be toned down somewhat. No revolutions or rebellions here. Perhaps the rebel in cozies is much more like the rebel we all want to be in our own lives. Take a chance and let the consequences fall where they may!

Eva Gates is the author of the Lighthouse Library cozy series from Penguin Obsidian, set in a historic lighthouse on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, featuring Boston-transplant librarian, and highly reluctant sleuth, Lucy Richardson. The first in the series is By Book or By Crook. Booked for Trouble will be released on September 1st and Reading Up A Storm in April 2016. Eva is the pen name of bestselling author Vicki Delany, one of Canada’s most prolific and varied crime writers.

Eva can be found at and Vicki at

Facebook: evagatesauthor

Twitter: @evagatesauthor


14 thoughts on “Guest Post: Eva Gates”

  1. Sometimes not doing what people expect is rebelling. Love that! I’m a bit too attracted to authority figures to rebel too much, but when I have, I’ve definitely felt more alive. Great post, and good luck with the book!


  2. The best rebellion is being true to yourself. There is always someone who is trying to live your life for you, and often they are the same people who are the hardest to defy. Love the setting for the book. What a great way to read into fall!


  3. I think going against what is expected of you is not big rebellion (lights and flashes), but it’s perhaps the most important rebellion. How can you change anything if you aren’t true to yourself first? Welcome and best of luck with the new book.


  4. Lucy sounds like a fascinating character in such a fun setting. Her rebellion takes a lot of courage. I look forward to checking out your books!


  5. That rebelliousness is the essence of the protag’s spark and spunkiness in cozies. Without it, there wouldn’t be a story. Spending so much time in libraries growing up, as we probably all did, a spunky librarian sounds delicious.


  6. Thanks for the comments all! I find lots of librarians can be real fighters, Just try and close them down or cut their budgets (as many politicians have found)


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