Welcome, New Mysteristas!

We are thrilled to announce that Samantha Bohrman and Keenan Powell are joining us here at Mysteristas. Please come back this Tuesday and Thursday to read their debut posts!

samanthabohrmanShortly after graduating from law school, Samantha Bohrman had three children and began writing books. She never looked back, but she suspects her husband has. You can often find her wandering the aisles of Target buying ingredients for tacos (because her kids won’t eat anything else) and staging a murder scene in the produce section (in her head). Her first mystery, Ruby’s Misadventures with Reality, is out now. You can find her at www.sambohrman.com or follow her @sambohrman.



keenanpowellWhile in high school, Keenan Powell illustrated the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons but chose not to pursue a career in art. After graduating high school, she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University and then a Juris Doctorate from McGeorge School of Law. The day after law school graduation in 1982, she moved to Alaska and has been practicing law there ever since. She is the author of the Maeve Malloy mystery series. You can find her at www.facebook.com/keenanwrites or follow her on Twitter as @KeenanPowell6.


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