Week 5 Discussion: What Are Your Plans for the Last Month of Summer?

DIANE VALLERE It is hard to think that summer is technically over in a month! My August is going to be filled with things to promote my new book that comes out on August 4. Any spare time I have will be writing the book that’s due in December. Let the juggling begin!

MARY SUTTON I always think, “Oh, August will be time to relax.” Never true. Swimming is over, but the kids go back to school in three weeks. So there will be last minute vacation, school shopping (clothes and supplies), chivvying them to finish any summer homework, all that stuff. Plus I’ll hopefully get my query in shape and get that back on track. Plus I want to do Pitch Wars. Good luck with the book stuff, Diane!

PAMELA OBERG After recovering from the shock that we’re entering the last month of summer (I haven’t really started my summer activities yet!), we’re going to enjoy a week of vacation at a cottage on a lake (with no internet!), and then it will be crazy, crazy, crazy at the day job, back-to-school shopping and planning, and perhaps getting a few of those summer projects done. Oh, and attending Writer’s Police Academy! Very much looking forward to that, for sure. I’m hopeful to get some quality writing done while on vacation. Anxious to get back to the WIP. Diane, I can’t wait to read the new book! And Mary, good luck with the Pitch Wars. That sounds very cool!

CYNTHIA KUHN Funny: I always think of July as the last month of summer. 🙂 August is back to school for everyone (except me because I taught during the summer so never really left). It will be filled with new schedules and school supplies. I like the idea you all have about vacations, though. Have to figure out how to get one of those on the calendar!

SUE STAR August is looking packed full! I have a science fiction book coming out, and my edits on the third Nell Letterly mystery are due. I will be in Albuquerque for Croak and Dagger on the 22nd. 🙂

SARAH HENNING We’re headed to Colorado! I’ll be out there the first week in August and am hoping to get in some hiking, writing and reading, though with my two kids and my toddler niece sharing our cabin, I’m pretty sure my entire time there will be described in the end as “herding cats.”

Okay, Mysteristas, your turn. What are YOUR plans for August, the last month of summer? Leave a comment below and be entered into our week 5 (and final!) Summer Reading Bonanza Giveaway.


19 thoughts on “Week 5 Discussion: What Are Your Plans for the Last Month of Summer?”

  1. Sorry I missed out on this! We were without power most of last night, and out of Internet all of last night. Yes, this is Florida and those are summer storms. Storms took down a tree, which took down the power lines, which took down the phone lines which took down the Internet lines. Since the Internet and the phone company are the same, they felt – for some reason – that they needed to restore power and phone first. Anyway, all is well, and today promises more of the same.

    My August will be filled with editing. I have to have my second book back to Henery by August 31st. It will fly! I’m looking forward to getting in some run time and pool time too. My real vacation will be in October when I attend a writer’s conference in Greensboro, NC. Looking forward to meeting up with some fellow Mysteristas at the time.

    Have a great rest of summer everyone, we hope to see you here.


  2. Pamela, you are going to love WPA. I am so bummed I couldn’t go this year, but I am headed to Bouchercon in October (where I hope to see some of you) and I can only afford one plane ticket.

    Judy, congrats!

    Kait, glad the power is back. This is another Hayden Kent book?


  3. I’m an elementary school librarian, so for me July is really the last full month of Summer. I don’t officially go back to school until August 12th, but I’m already working on school stuff: beginning of the year review lessons, book club flyers, planning a tea for some students who held a summer book club, and collecting all the summer reading challeng forms. My husband and I are very involved with the VFW: both of us hold leadership positions at various levels and I’m the Department photographer. So August starts with a VFW event on the the 1st, Breast Cancer Funderaiser on the 2nd, Council of Administration on 7,8, 9. Back to school on the 12th, Veterans Salute in Cripple Creek the 15th, fly out to South Carolina for my youngest son’s graduation from Basic Training and ending the month with another VFW event and a baby shower on the 29th and 30th. And intertwined with all that is a puppy training class for our new dog and several books to read for review. Sleep isnt’ really necessary is it?


  4. Yay, Judy! All the best and I’ll see you at Bouchercon. It’s my first too. Peggy, have a great time. I too am missing WPA this year. But I’l see you, Mary, at B’Con too! Yep, the book is the 2nd in the Hayden Kent series. Elaine, I can so relate! Bev, sleep? I think it’s a rumor. Sounds like you will be very, very busy!


  5. I’ve got two weeks before classes start, only one before I have to start working on online classes. Go to the hot springs. Work on the wip. Finish cleaning out the garage.


  6. I’ll most likely be canning and freezing more produce but that will be winding down. I’ll definitely be reading every chance I get, sipping iced tea and saying farewell to summer but hello to fall!


  7. We’re a busy bunch!! Kait, glad the power is back. I was so excited when it thundered and lightninged (lighninged? That is so not the right word!) here a few weeks ago. I do miss the storms. I hope we’re all super productive and achieve everything we set out to accomplish!


  8. My August will be filled with reviewing the ARC proof for PAINT THE TOWN DEAD, working on the next book, and taking a vacation away from everything to Glacier National Park in Montana and Arches National Park in Utah.


  9. In August I plan to go to the fair, read the new books I picked up at some book signing, and (sigh) clean out the garage.


  10. We have a fish fry at my house on the 8th. My son has caught lots of fish at the lake. He’ll fry those, some poppers, french fries, and onion rings. Everybody who comes brings a covered dish, their chairs and swim suit/towels. I have a pool in the backyard. It’s a lot of work but we get to see people we only see once a year. We used to have 80 or more people but time has claimed a lot of them and the party is getting smaller. We may have about 40. My daughter has a birthday on the 12th and mine is on the 26th (75 years young). I’ll have my two paper crafting classes at the beginning of the month. At the end of the month I’ll be preparing projects for the September classes. Other than that – I really don’t have any plans.


  11. With the heat in the 90’s, the heat index in the triple digits and the humidity running 90+, I plan to relax and read. The nicest thing about retirement is not having to run around in the weather.


  12. I will be looking forward to having more students on our campus again. They really make the university seem more alive when they are here.


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