Week 5 Summer Reading Bonanza: What We Did This Weekend

SUE STAR: A friend and I drove to a small artist mountain town for 3 days of blissful fun in a watercolor workshop.

THERESA CRATER: Did some writing this weekend and continued shopping for our bathroom remodel. The domestic unit made a frittata and yes with lots of ingredients from our garden and I made potato salad from my mom’s recipe.

DIANE VALLERE: Sue, that sounds like so much fun! Theresa, I started a budget bathroom remodel a week ago and sort of abandoned it. Yikes. My weekend went like this: Saturday morning at Chinatown where I ended up scoring the next 4 DVDs in my Sex and the City marathon (though what I was really there for was to get lots of green vegetables). Sunday took me to Irvine where I was the guest speaker at the Orange County Sisters in Crime meeting. Great group of people! Oh, and when I got home I think I figured out how to add Meta tags to my website. Reading Web Design Demystified must be working.

KAIT CARSON: Perfect weekend. Rainy and overcast. That may not sound perfect to most, but it sure cut the heat. PLUS, I got to enjoy my two birthday gifts. I ran in beat to a running mix on my brand new iPod Shuffle (light as a feather) and after a swim, I relaxed and read in the new hammock. Lots of reading and editing this weekend too. My deadline for edits – August 31! Quick, someone figure out to get more days in August!

PAMELA OBERG: Spent the weekend visiting family out of state on Saturday and went to a fantastic concert–Breaking Benjamin–with hubby and friends. Did quite a bit of brainstorming for the WIP! Oh, and got a reminder from WPA Writer’s Police Academy) that I need to get my background check moving so I can do my rifle training. Yay!

CYNTHIA KUHN: Went to the first meeting of our new Sisters in Crime-Colorado chapter: wonderful group of people and much laughter. Excited for future activities.

Okay, dear readers, what did YOU do this weekend? Comment below and enter into our week 5 (and final!) Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza Giveaway.


16 thoughts on “Week 5 Summer Reading Bonanza: What We Did This Weekend”

  1. I read most of the week-end, then my a/c started having problems and I cleaned up a lot of water many times. Good news is that it still cooled and I could still read. 🙂


  2. I’m late to the party again. Spent a good deal of Saturday at the end-of-year championship swim meet, where my girl took two third places (out of 7). Then I sat on my deck, melting, and read Mark Pryor’s THE RELUCTANT MATADOR. Sunday was church, and once again I sat on my deck reading, this time Julia Spencer Fleming’s IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER. Both of them were great reads. Oh, and my hubby and The Boy came back from a week of camp, so I logged off early to catch up with them. Sorry!


  3. A friend and I went to the Casino on Friday afternoon. I didn’t lose very much (was still playing with money I’d won a couple months ago). Had a delicious lunch. Got into the pool a couple times over the weekend. Finished up 3 books that I’d been reading. Cleaned the house on Saturday. Took Bear to the groomers and enjoyed a few hours of quiet (she has separation anxiety so she’s my shadow). Just a good weekend altogether.


  4. My son had a bacterial eye infection which cancelled our plans. But I
    did attend my Sunday book club meeting and ate dinner like a normal person.


  5. I saw Trainwreck and loved it. Lebron James was great in it! I also tripped during my tango lesson which was a bit embarrassing.


  6. Sounds like everyone had a great weekend. Judy, I’m coming to your house. Wine on the porch sounds excellent. Kimberly, I hope your son is feeling better! Peggy, hope your A/C has stopped weeping on the floor and is now cooling perfectly.


  7. I spent the whole weekend reading! One of the benefits of being an older woman on her own! I can do what I like, more or less whenever I like. 🙂


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