Mysterista Discussion: What Characters Would You Like To Be Friends With?

What series characters you would like to be friends with?

What fictional characters scare you?

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23 thoughts on “Mysterista Discussion: What Characters Would You Like To Be Friends With?”

  1. I’d love to be friends with Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs! She’s a woman ahead of her times in the era between the wars.


  2. Oh, wow. Too many to choose from! I’d love to know J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas, of course. Recently, I discovered Amanda M. Lee’s Midwest Witches series (love!), and it would be fun to be friends with Bay, Thistle, and Clove. Roberta Isleib’s Hayley would be fun, too (but I’d gain too much weight!). Trixie Belden, Miss Marple, Sheriff Longmire. . .clearly, I’m having commitment issues on this one.


  3. Oh wow. Well, I’d be friends with Zoe Chambers – I’ve always wanted to go horseback riding. Jane Ryland, because I think she’d be fun to hang out and drink wine with. I’d hang out with Walt Longmire, too. Just for the scenery.

    Villains? The one who’d definitely make me run is Hannibal Lecter (although I find him fascinating at the same time).


  4. When I was young, it would have been Nancy Drew. Now I think I would like to hang around with the family of Deborah Knott, Margaret Maron’s character.


  5. Mystery Friends: Samantha Kidd, Elliot Lisbon, and Kinsey Millhone because smart, adventurous, and funny. (Non-mystery: Bridget Jones and Becky Bloomwood.)
    Mystery Villains: Definitely Hannibal Lecter. (Non-mystery: He Who Must Not Be Named.)


  6. Fun question and great replies. I would love to be friends with Rita Mae Brown’s Harry Harrison. She’s her own woman, an animal lover, has a great farm, holds to and defends her beliefs, is always up for an adventure, and she has a heart of gold. She’s my kind of gal.

    Scariest villain I ever encountered in a book is Hannibal Lecter. Completely amoral and 100% believable. I still read the book in sections with long spaces between start and finish. Same with the movie. Can’t do it in one sitting.


  7. I want to be Cotton Malone, who owns a fabulous used and rare bookstore, and has a wonderful apartment at the top of it. Plus cats. I’ll skip the part where it gets burned down from time to time. Add a tea shop and a cook. Plus a lazy river pool. OK, that’s enough.


  8. When I read well written books, all the characters come so alive that I wonder if I might run into them in the neighborhood grocery store, even the “villains.” (Remember when reporters interview neighbors after a mass killing, all the people seem to say that those killers were such nice neighbors, quiet, never bothering anyone. Maybe one should live next to criminals!)

    I think all things being considered, I would really like to know with Hercule Poirot.


  9. I’ve been reading a lot of Henery Press books recently and would LOVE to hang with Cherry Tucker (Larissa Reinhart’s series) especially for some binge-eating. I have a crush on Max.

    I love Rose from Terri L Austin’s books… I think we have the same cold mother. We could compare notes and eat noodles.

    Sorry, I’m food-focussed as I enter the 4th year of my diet. 🙂

    Scary? I can’t read scary books at all. Any killer is scary to me. Pick one. I love villains only when they have the secret heart of gold. The DEXTER books (read 2.4 of them) freaked me out completely (and his high metabolism irked me greatly).


  10. I’d love to be friends with Jenna Bennett’s Savannah Martin and Rafe Collier as well as the gang from Estelle Ryan’s Genevieve Lenard series


  11. I would love to be friends with Nichelle Clarke featured in the Headlines in Heels Mystery series by LynDee Walker. Nichelle and her colleagues and friends are always in the middle of a great mystery. She would be fun to go shopping with- a dedicated shoe aficionado!


  12. When I was young, the rulers in the dreamland in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang scared me and today, the same kind of people who are cruel to children scare me still.
    And I think I would love to get to know Helma Zukas from the Jo Dereske librarian mysteries. She just seems so real.


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