Summer Reading Bonanza Week 4 Update: In Which We Celebrate a Mysterista Birthday!

THERESA CRATER It was a quiet weekend for me–catching up on grading and grocery shopping. Got a bit of writing done. A big wind blew a door open, and our older cat got into the garage and ate our younger cat’s food, then ran her out of the house when we got home, with much hissing and a little rolling around on the floor growling. Holy Cow!

MARY SUTTON This was the weekend that summer decided to come to Pittsburgh. The boys left for camp. I worked at the taekwondo school and then retreated to the air conditioning. Worked on a revised query for EVERY OTHER MONDAY IS MURDER. Today after church, it was another retreat to A/C for revisions on the current project.

CYNTHIA KUHN Pros: Went to my son’s indoor soccer game, graded, wrote, and guest posted on Type M for Murder (super exciting). Cons: Took a sleep test involving uncomfortable headgear that was supposed to record/solve mystery of disrupted sleep but kept waking me up via computer voice saying “please reattach sensor.” Talk about disruptive!

MARY SUTTON How do they expect to learn anything about disrupted sleep if the machine keeps waking you up?

CYNTHIA KUHN Exactly!! 🙂

KAIT CARSON My weekend is still going on. My birthday is today so, I’m on a three day weekend! Any excuse for some time off. Right? Saturday was recovery mode from the Miami/Fort Denaud drive. It’s a couple of hundred miles and this is the rainy season so we creep-crawled through Clewiston (America’s Sweetest Town) in torrential rain. By the time I got home on Friday night, I knew a Saturday sleep-in was in the works. Woke up fresh and ready to rock, so I ran four miles, then settled in to catch up on e-mails and FB. Sunday was writing day. Worked on my monthly blog for Writers Who Kill, and my next blog for this group. Did a short run – 95 degrees, yep, short run. Today I’m kicking back and enjoying myself. Hubby has promised a dinner in Fort Myers at my favorite pizza joint (calories do not count on a birthday so I may add a canoli) Capone’s. If you are in the area, drop by our table and share a glass of wine

MARY SUTTON Happy birthday, Kait!

KAIT CARSON Thanks, Mary. I am not sure I will ever forgive the powers that be that failed to make the day man landed on the moon a national holiday! 🙂


SARAH HENNING Happy birthday, Kait!!! This weekend, my cousin was in town from California. We got avocado smoothies at the farmers’ market and let the baby show off her new standing skills.

DIANE VALLERE A Mysterista birthday! Yay! There should be cake on the blog. Easy clean up. Saturday, we actually had thunder and lightning in Los Angeles, a very exciting thing, and I celebrated by crawling back into bed and binge watching Sex and the City season 1. Sunday, I participated in a panel on the ever-changing publishing industry for MWA SoCal.

SUE STAR  I spent half the weekend getting ready for my niece arriving to town.  She is playing in the world finals of ultimate frisbee next week!  Then I traveled to Orlando to meet up with The Mouse and the grandkids, yay!

PAMELA OBERG This weekend I’ve been binge-reading new authors (Amanda M. Lee tonight), watching Longmire, doing a little boating, and catching up with our munchkin (who just finished her first week of sleep-away camp). Lots of thunder and lightening today, so not much yard work got done. Busy and over much too quickly! and happy birthday, Kait!


Virtual Cake for Kait’s birthday–no calories!

Tell us, fellow Mysteristas, what did you do this weekend? Leave us a comment and enter to win our week 4 Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza Giveaway!



21 thoughts on “Summer Reading Bonanza Week 4 Update: In Which We Celebrate a Mysterista Birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Kait! It was blistering hot so I had a low key weekend! I canned 7 quarts of green beans on Saturday and on Sunday I prepared a family meal after church. I read, watched tv and generally relaxed.


  2. Happy Birthday Kait! I spent the weekend walking around Pittsburgh. My husband and I are here for the national VFW Convention. Trying to sneak in a bit of reading but not getting too much of that done.


  3. Happy birthday, Judy! and Mary a happy birthday to your son. Thank you for the birthday wishes Betty! Seven quarts of green beans is a lot of work. Glad you got some down time!


  4. Was at Pacific Northwest Writers Conference as finalist for literary contest. Learned lots about social media and ate the flourless chocolate cake.


  5. Happy Birthday. Kait! Very muggy this weekend so caught up on reading and TV watching. Translated a few verses of Luke from Coptic to English and went to A Night at the Opera at Cal State LA.


  6. Thanks Sarah! Thank you Sybil. Translating from Coptic. I am impressed! That’s an amazing skill. Keenan, congratulations on being a finalist! Flourless chocolate cake. Those are amazingly good.


  7. Despite the threat of rain this weekend, I went to the Orange County fair. Nothing like “deep-fried” everything to chase away the clouds. The rain was not too bad, and during the “drizzle” we just went inside the exhibit halls to buy things that I absolutely could not live without.


  8. Happy Birthday, Kait!

    Keenan, I was at the PNWA conference too. Congratulations on being a finalist! Did you pitch agents? The flourless chocolate cake was too much for me. I ate the strawberry sauce. 😀 It was a great conference. I spent Saturday afternoon on the pool deck with a bunch of agents soaking up fresh air and industry insights. It was wonderful.

    And btw, thank you to all the Mysteristas for the lovely package of books I won week before last! It really helped by book buying budget. Not so much my TBR pile.


  9. To all, it’s really fun to hear what you did over the weekend.

    Happy birthday, Kait!

    Sybil, that sounds complicated, the translation. Impressive.

    Keenan, that sounds very fun! And congrats!

    Katherine, glad you received them safely.


  10. Bought a car after sharing hubb’s pickup truck for a year, sorted things for donation and trash, went to In ‘n Out Burger, read, made crockpot Mac and cheese, read, and read some more.


  11. Happy Birthday Kait! My sweetheart and I went to dance class this weekend. We are learning both International style Foxtrot and International Style Tango. They are different from the American styles we are familiar with and we get quite a workout.


  12. It was a miserably hot weekend so I didn’t do much. I did get in the pool, cleaned and organized the craft room (I’ve been dropping things off in there – needed to put things away). Read several books, Visited with my daughter. It was a good weekend.


  13. Happy Birthday, Kait! It’s been hot here, so other than buy groceries, I curled up in my favorite chair (inside with the a/c on) and read almost all weekend. 🙂


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