Week 3 Summer Reading Bonanza Discussion: What Book are We Reading that We Can’t Get Out of Our Heads?

KAIT CARSON: Hank Ryan’s THE OTHER WOMAN. It was the first in her new series. I’d had it on my Kindle since publication, but hadn’t gotten around to reading it. WOW – blew me away. It’s set in Boston during campaign season (talk about timely, even for me coming to the book late). The characters are so finely drawn that I tried to figure out if they were based in fact. Then there was the plot. Ryan really knows how to twist and turn a plot. You will literally keep guessing until the last pages. Bits and pieces of dialogue and plot keep floating around in my brain. I’ve even dreamed the first Charles River scene. Highly recommend.

SARAH HENNING: THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN. It was amazing! There are plenty of people in the world (millions, in fact) who’d probably say the same thing about this book, but I’m here to confirm its amazing! Read it months ago and still thinking about it!

SUE STAR: SUSPECT, by Robert Crais. I can’t get it out of my head because the relationship between the dog and the cop is so touching.

DIANE VALLERE: For me, it’s GONE GIRL. Even though I read it long after many others made it a bestseller, I was smart enough to not watch the movie first! I started it the week I was called for Jury Duty, and I was writing a draft during that time too. So, on the train, on my lunch break after hitting my word count, and at night before falling asleep…I had to know what happened next. I turned in that manuscript, and i know it was heavily influenced by my jury duty experience, but I also wonder how reading GONE GIRL entered into the mix, if at all.

CYNTHIA KUHN: I taught a Sylvia Plath class this spring, and there was something about this particular re-reading of THE BELL JAR that resonated on a whole new level. She was just plain brilliant.

THERESA CRATER: For me it’s two series. Patrick Rothfuss’ THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLES and Shana Abe’s DRAKON series. And for the same reason. They are drenched with the most luscious detail. The colors, the sounds, the smells all weaved like a luxurious tapestry around spectacular story telling. To read them is total immersion. Can’t wait for more.

PAMELA OBERG: I’m binge-reading new cozies right now, and they’ve all been wonderful–Lucy Burdette’s FATAL RESERVATIONS, Juliet Blackwell’s SPELLCASTING IN SILK were the most recent (and sooo good!).  I’ve got Karin Slaughter’s BLINDSIGHTED downloaded to my new tablet, and I’m anxious to begin reading–I haven’t read her before now. (Kait, I loved THE OTHER WOMAN!)

Darling Mysteristas,

What book is stuck in YOUR head? Let us know in the comments, and be entered to win the Week 3 Summer Reading Bonanza prize!


Author: Pamela A. Oberg

Pamela is a portfolio manager at an educational assessment company by day, writer by night. Founder of Writers on Words (a discussion and critique group), Pamela enjoys spinning tales of murder and mayhem, with an occasional foray into the world of the paranormal.

12 thoughts on “Week 3 Summer Reading Bonanza Discussion: What Book are We Reading that We Can’t Get Out of Our Heads?”

  1. I apologize – I never got notification about this. Anyway, hmm. Hallie Ephron’s NIGHT, NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT left an impression. That’s probably the most recent. Although I also read Karin Slaughter’s COP TOWN recently and that one packed a punch, too.


  2. I have so many books stuck in my head! But I recently discovered Tana French, an Irish mystery writer. What I love about Tana’s books is that her protagonist changes in each book, but she takes the character from a previous book, where the character was relatively minor.


  3. I just finished Stuart Neville’s THE FINAL SILENCE. I had read GHOSTS OF BELFAST, the first of that series. Now I’m going back and filling in the other two books. His writing style is gorgeous.


  4. Chelsea Cain’s books! ONE KICK and then I read (out of series order – egads) EVIL AT HEART. Now going back to read the first in that series. About a year ago, all these tough gritty noir mystery writer guys were fanboying big time about Cain and I thought, who the heck is this writer? Now I get it. Count me a big fan.


  5. When I was younger, it was A Wrinkle in Time. Then I discovered the Nero Wolfe mysteries. But as I’ve gotten older it is whatever mystery series I am reading at the time.


  6. I saw a review for a book by Bill Crider. it’s the Dan Rhodes, sheriff series. I read the newest one and enjoyed it so much that I’ve gone back to the beginning and have been reading them from the start. Dan gets hurt a lot but he always gets his man. The two codgers who work in the police station and jail add a lot of interest to the story. I look forward to getting the next volume from the library after I’ve finished one.


  7. I’m multi-reading as usual, but the book that is stuck in my head is one I’ve not re-read in a long while: To Kill A Mockingbird. I have the “new” prequel to take with me on the plane on Friday, but I’m rather aprehensive about reading it. Even though I tried to stay away from early reviews, I’ve still managed to hear negative stuff. I plan to read it and decide for myself, but just in case all the Negative Nellies are correct, I plan to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird to make up for it.


  8. Lots of interesting books here! Right now, I keep on thinking about two books I read recently. EPITAPH by Mary Doria Russell. It’s a novel about the Earps and Doc Holliday and the O.K. Corral and its aftermath. The second is A TALE OF TWO BIDDIES, the second in the League of Literary Ladies mystery series. Really enjoy the characters and the plot was good.


  9. OH my, so many books floating around in my head! I agree, “The Other Woman” and “Gone Girl” are two of my favorites. This summer I have tried to re-read some old (very old) favorites that still lingered in my mind. I re-read “The Key” by Junichiro Tanizaki; it was a “Gone Girl” before there was a “Gone Girl.” I also am re-reading “Laguna Heat” by T. Jefferson Parker, a classic So Cal favorite.


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