Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza Poll #2

Leave a comment below to let us know you took the poll (“I took the poll!” is enough), and you’ll be entered into our Summer Reading Bonanza contest!

As always, please feel free to tell us more about your choice in the comments.

Thanks for playing!


40 thoughts on “Mysterista Summer Reading Bonanza Poll #2”

  1. I took the poll. I was surprised that fb/twitter beat out Goodreads. Personally, I was torn between Goodreads and Amazon reviews. Never would have thought FB. Now I have another place to spread the love on a regular basis!


  2. I took the poll, and proving that Mysteristas learn, notice that this week you can choose more than one option? I know i tend to go to Goodreads first, and next comes telling people who I think would enjoy the book.


  3. I took the poll. Like many, I pass the word about my favorite books in multiple ways, but Goodreads is where I look for new books.


  4. Great idea for a poll! (Although when Diane mentioned “I Tell Everybody I know” in her post on the Sisters in Crime listserv, I thought it was some new site I’d never heard of – and Google wasn’t much help finding it!) πŸ™‚


  5. I took the poll! (PS I don’t tell most people I know about what I read as most of our family and acquaintances don’t read…:-( so sad!)


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