Week 3 Summer Reading Bonanza Discussion: What We Did and What We’re Reading

KAIT CARSON Shopped till I dropped. We made our quarterly trip to the Costco yesterday. How is it that one store can have so much stuff I never knew i needed? We followed that up with a quick tour of Total Wines to round out our red wine collection. Those folks know everything worth knowing about wine. Which is good, because I know so little. Today dawned hot and sunny. The perfect day to dive into the pool and get some exercise. Then I had the pleasure of beta reading a new book. I love discovering new authors. This is the second beta I’ve done this month. Have to be in Miami this Wednesday for the day job. Then taking a long weekend next week for my birthday smile emoticon Lots to do before I leave. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

As for reading, I usually read mysteries. Since I write them, it makes sense. Right now I’m reading a wonderful book that is not a traditional mystery. It’s THE CALLING by Amber Foxx, a paranormal mystery. The protagonist, Mae Martin-Ridley is psychic. The book is about how she discovers and comes to terms with her gift. The characters jump off the page. The story satisfies on all levels. I’m also reading THE STORY GRID by Shawn Coyne. It’s a wonderful insight into what helps a book have a blockbuster plot written by an editor. Highly recommend it for all writers. Lots of food for thought there.

CYNTHIA KUHN What I did this weekend: I graded like a fiend and worked on my revisions for book one. Had a lovely visit from my sister and nephew that was a definite spirit-lifter. Was also shown a lot of short videos made by my sons, who have discovered an app that runs their movies backwards and makes them very funny indeed.

What I’m reading: THE WRONG MAN by Kate White. Very twisty and intriguing. Am a big fan of her Bailey Weggins series, which this is not a part of, so I don’t know why I just mentioned that. I have read and enjoyed all of her stand-alones, too. I guess I’m just a big fan. 🙂

MARY  SUTTON What I did this weekend: I got my hair cut! After getting a phone call on Friday, the day before my appointment, to tell me my stylist retired, a friend was able to help me out. The bangs are out of my eyes. Then I spent some time on revisions for the WIP. Today was church and my critique group meeting. Good news: the ending is heading in the right direction, but it still needs some work.

I’m “comfort reading” Prisoner of Azkaban (again), in the middle of Unfinished Business by Jenna Bennett, and my friend Annette just loaned me Julia Spencer-Fleming’s In the Bleak Midwinter, so I’m sure I’ll open that soon.

DIANE VALLERE I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent a large portion of Saturday floating around in a friend’s pool! Went to a birthday party Saturday night, and a Sisters in Crime chapter meeting on Sunday. Oh, and obsessively checked the status of my Batman action figure auction on ebay. It ended Sunday, so now I can move on to something new.

As for reading…I don’t think I’m going to continue reading the book that I started. That’s always a tough decision. It’s a non-fiction book that’s been on my TBR list for awhile. It’s something of a memoir, but the voice borders on snarky and there’s a little too much complaining…not as entertaining as I’d hoped. Good news: I get to start something new!

THERESA CRATER I helped at the Egypt, Alchemy, and Ancient Mysticism workshop. We had company from Egypt and California, met a longtime Facebook friend visiting from Denmark. Made new friends and got to see old friends.

I’m reading Merlin’s Daughter by TL Ashcroft-Nowicki.

PAMELA OBERG Sunday we picked up munchkin from several days at “Camp Gramama”, only to drop her off at the local university for a week of residential engineering camp! Friday and Saturday, I ran my first 5K in 20 years (I finished!), and grabbed a great beach day with my girlfriends. I’m working hard to make more time for friends, as it’s too easy to get caught up in things and forget to maintain those friendships. Also, reading some early Ellery Adams on a new tablet. FUN!

SUE STAR My weekend started by going to the baseball game, and my team, the Rockies, won. Yay! I finished up writing a new short story and shipped it off to market. The rest of the weekend I spent judging for our local writers contest. Really enjoyed reading some fun stories! p.s.–I just started reading The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins.

SARAH HENNING What I did this weekend: Wimbledon! I was a copy desk tennis editor in my former life and have a great love for the Grand Slams. Love that Serena got number 21 and her second “Serena Slam”…one more in New York and she’ll have the calendar Grand Slam! All at the ripe old age of 33! Love it!

As for what I’m reading: I am tiptoeing into “An Ember in the Ashes” by Sabaa Tahir. I’m three scenes from finishing my WIP and my writing time is the same as my reading time, so I’m reading like a page a day because I know this one is ridiculously good and I’m afraid I’ll get so sucked in I won’t finish my WIP! It’ll be a great treat when I finish my first draft.

Okay, fellow Mysteristas: let us know what you did this weekend or what you’re currently reading (or both!) and be entered into the week 3 Summer Reading Bonanza drawing!


23 thoughts on “Week 3 Summer Reading Bonanza Discussion: What We Did and What We’re Reading”

  1. I have just discovered Diane. I am really enjoying her writing. Shall look for the other authors here but in UK means buying from Amazon rather than ordering from the library. Really enjoy this blog.


  2. I went to an auction and bought way too much stuff I do not need.
    While at the auction I finished Dressed to Kill by Lynn Cahoon and started Case of the Invisible Dog by Diane Stingley which I am really enjoying.


  3. I read almost all week-end. I’m currently reading Kathi Daley’s Whales and Tails series. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!!


  4. Friday night, I went to a farewell for a co-worker who is moving to Kansas to teach second grade. Saturday my husband and I finally got the motorcycle out of the garage and went on a Poker Run. I finally got to see Bishops Castle (more like Bishop’s Folly). Sunday, we went to see the movie Max, about the military dog. That reminded me of my youngest who is off at Basic Training and has only had time to send me one letter. So I cried through most of the movie. Busy weekend. As what I’m reading: Inherit the Word by Daryl Wood Gerber, Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff and The Penderwicks in Spring by Jeanne Birdsall.


  5. A quiet weekend as we went into the high 90’s as the start of a week long heat wave. Some grilling and reading, Hearse and Buggy by Laura Bradford and Pick Your Poison by Leann Sweeney. Two series I hadn’t read. More of the same this week as the heat continues to build.


  6. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went on a date – no kids! We went shopping and to a mall we haven’t been to before, one county over. It was a nice day! I’m currently re-reading Well Read, Then Dead by Terrie Farley Moran and up next is Caught Read-Handed, the 2nd book in the series.

    brookeb811 at gmail dot com


  7. I read for a large part of the weekend and left reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I washed a huge amount of produce (summer squash and cucumbers) from our garden and shared with family and friends. I cooked a big meal including pasta salad, sauteed summer squash, fresh green beans and grilled chicken. Then I got out my jewelry making supplies and contemplated yet again making something. I’m inspired by the lovely pieces I see online and I think I have similar gemstones, etc but when I get my stuff out… But, one day, I WILL make something!!!


  8. I love all the reading going on! Bonus: I get great new reading ideas from the comments, too. Yay!

    Betty W, I’m envious–I would love to make jewelry, but I have neither vision nor skill, so I’m an appreciator of those who have both. You can do it!

    Gussiebetty, I agree; Diane’s writing is wonderful and amazing. I love her books!

    Kari, what kind of auction? I used to go with my mom, but haven’t found any around where I live now. I LOVE a good auction. They’re so much fun (in spite of the extra stuff we bring home with us, and then have to find a place for, right?).


  9. I love that everyone is so busy and reading so much. I’ve been adding to my TBR as I read these posts. I firmly believe one can never have enough books! Bev, thanks for mentioning Max. One of our friends has told us we must not miss it. My husband is afraid to let me go see it because he thinks it may result in the adoption of a German Shepherd. With me, that’s a valid fear! Glad that you liked it. Now I know we have to see it. Brooke, sounds like you had a great weekend. Glad I’m not the only one who re-reads first books before starting on seconds. I love to see how the characters develop and refresh my memory for the original mystery and see how it is salted into the second book. Gussie, Diane is amazing and there must be something we can do to get in the UK libraries! We will have to put our Mysteristas thinking cap on to solve that one.

    Hope everyone has a great week ahead!


  10. Sue, I’ve been wanting to read Wilkie Collins. My students introduced me to him.
    All–lots of pool floating sounds just grand. Running, shopping, child drop off–great weekends.


  11. Wandered around an antique mall for a while. Played with my rescue dog Sunshine. Picked lots of blackberries.
    Stopped reading Edith Pearlman’s stories in Binocular Vision, a non-mystery that was just too depressing. On to another mystery!


  12. The kids and family came over Saturday for a pool party. My son made BBQ and we spent an enjoyable day.
    Sunday I went to the casino for a few hours with my daughter, then came home and got in the pool again.
    Very relaxing weekend. Glad for the company. A lot of weekends are very lonely.


  13. Well, first I pulled weeds before it got too hot, then I want to The Book Carnival in Orange California and met Baron Birtcher. I purchased (and he signed) his latest book, “Hard Latitudes.” The most interesting and unusual comment he made is that he specifically selects music that matches the tone of each book he writes. He listens to this “soundtrack” for the book the entire time he writes to keep his mind in the mood and tone of the book. He also puts little references to that music in each book.


  14. I missed Wilkie Collins in college and am now trying to fill in all those holes. I fear it’s a losing battle! It’s so interesting to see all the things that everyone is doing this summer and the books everyone is reading. My TBR mountain keeps growing higher!


  15. BN100: That must have been a long hike!!

    I get reading ideas from the comments, too. Did I mention I’m house sitting? So when I stop reading a book, I don’t have my own shelves to go and pull something new down 😦 But I’m going to restock, today and be prepared for tonight.

    Betty W: I used to make jewelry in high school, but that was the 80s and I was a bit wacky. I remember one particular pair of earrings I made out of plastic teddy bear keychains. One lime green, one pink. I bet your stuff will be much more sophisticated than that!

    Gussiebetty and Pamela, thank you so much!!

    I love hearing what everybody did. I was going to go to the Rose Bowl flea market (can you believe 9 years in Southern California and I’ve never been? And I LOVE digging through stuff!). One of these days I won’t have a conflict.


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