Mysteristas Summer Reading Bonanza: Where Do You Like to Read?

THERESA CRATER: We have two new, very comfy lawn chairs under a huge maple overlooking the front range of the Rocky Mountains. That’s my spot.

MARY SUTTON: I love sitting outside in the summer. Or curled up on the loveseat in the den. But I’ve got a new favorite spot. Right before the holiday we put a permanent roof over our deck and hung some netting to keep away the bugs. We put one of those reclining zero-gravity chairs in the corner and a little table next to it, perfect for setting a glass down. Spent hours there over the weekend, just taking in the peace of my backyard and reading. But I also wouldn’t say no to a view of the Rockies!

SUE STAR: I love being outside with the flowers in the shade of my front porch. I have a hanging swinging chair there, and I can spy on (oops, I mean overlook) our neighborhood park and pool.

PAMELA OBERG: Any place I can read is a good one, but I do love to read at the beach in the summer, or anywhere cozy–comfy chair, soft blanket, hot cocoa–in the winter. Especially with a cat on my lap or shoulder. I love the sounds of Mary’s backyard heaven, though!

CYNTHIA KUHN: Anywhere I can curl up under a blanket.

SARAH HENNING: Not to copy Theresa, but my fave spot to read is on the porch at our cabin in Colorado. We have a view of Longs Peak! What more do you need?

DIANE VALLERE: Reading is my favorite way to unwind at the end of a day, so my favorite reading spot is my bed! It definitely has the cozy factor, and is the perfect way for me to let go of whatever happened that day and reprogram my brain that it’s time to go to sleep. Plus, I don’t mind occasional bouts of insomnia, because that means more time with a book!

Mysterista Readers, where’s your favorite spot to read, either in the summer or anytime? Leave a comment to enter this week’s drawing!


21 thoughts on “Mysteristas Summer Reading Bonanza: Where Do You Like to Read?”

  1. I love to read curled up in my comfy chair in my living room in the summer (with the ceiling fan and air conditioner on), but anywhere I can read is a good one! Thank you for this opportunity.


  2. Anywhere is a good place to read. I’ve been known to read in a loud crowded bar, but my favorite spot is a toss up between my favorite chair in front of the fireplace or in a lounge chair on my deck with a wonderful view of Pike’s Peak. I also like to read in the hot to too – which also has a great view of the Peak.


  3. My fav, by the pool with a glass of wine (plastic glass of course!). Then there is in bed before I go to sleep, in bed when I can’t sleep, on breaks from work. Oh, anyplace. I love to read anyplace!


  4. Always have a book with me, so I’ll read anywhere when I have time. But I do most of my reading in my favorite chair surrounded by my 3 cats.


  5. I read in bed. It’s one of the few places I can almost guarantee my children won’t interrupt me because they should already be asleep. I have also developed a love of reading Kindle books on my phone. Discrete, like I’m a spy.


  6. During the summer I have a big easy chair on the deck. I like to sit in it and read if the mosquitoes aren’t out.
    Usually I’m in my lounge chair in the family room – any time, any season.
    I do read when I go to bed for a few minutes and I have reading material in the loo.
    Hate to waste a minute without something to read.


  7. I’m with Kait! Lounging poolside, preferably with a glass of wine 😉 The other place that popped into my mind, oddly, was an airplane… solid, uninterrupted, reading time!


  8. In the summer, I love to read outside in a lounge chair under my hickory tree and occasionally look up and enjoy the view of the magnificent New River. Once the sun starts hitting there, I go to my screened back porch, turn on the ceiling fans, prop my feet up and sip iced tea while enjoying my latest book.


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